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Chocolate Candy Bar Cake


Oh sweet mystery of life. You are going to love this delectable dessert. You are going to love that it is EASY-PEASY to prepare. I recently made a big fancy-pancy-time-consuming- layered-chocolate-toffee cake and guess what…. it wasn’t nearly as good as this simple dessert! Don’t you love it when simple turns into “holy cats, I need […]

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Pepperoni Pasta Salad


I have one more salad recipe for you this week. Hippity, hip-hooray! Today it’s all about a great, flavorful pasta salad. Have you ever made a pasta salad, poured a lot of dressing all over it and then put it into the fridge until you were ready to serve it? Pasta noodles really have a way of soaking up […]

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Mexican Rice Salad


Hello folks! Do I have a fun, unique salad idea for you today! I attended a baby shower for one of my sisters a few weeks ago and this lovely Mexican Rice Salad was served. Sound kind of strange? It was wonderful! It has a great southwestern flavor with a little spicy kick. I love […]

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Grilled Chicken Marinade


Ok. Do not fall off your chair. This post is not a baked good. We’ve gotten a little baked-good-heavy  at Jamie Cooks It Up! lately, haven’t we my friends. If the truth were to be known….I could benefit from a good solid month of cooking nothing but vegetables.  You could too? Get out of here. […]

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Easy Cream Cheese Danish


Well, good morning beautiful! That is what this fabulous Cream Cheese Danish is saying to you on this lovely day. Good morning beautiful and make me as soon as possible. I do believe this recipe is going to win you some applause my friends. If you have tried making my Quick and Easy Breadsticks you […]

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Cookie Dough Truffles


Well now! Shut the back door. Do I have a yummy treat for you today, my blog reading friends. I’m sure many of you have seen recipes for cookie dough truffles floating around the food blogosphere.  Well, I had to get my hands on some.  Just had to. I’m weird like that.  I can’t have folks making […]

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Chicken Cordon Bleu


This past Monday was MyHandsomeHusbands birthday. As tradition goes around here, I asked what he would like for his birthday dinner. Homemade Won Tons is what he requested. Alrighty then…  “I’ll just roll up the my sleeves,  line up my kids at the bar to help me and start building won tons.” ….is what I […]

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Jerry Bakers Magic Tomato Plant Food Recipe


Plants in the ground!Plants in the ground!Feeling pretty cool, with my Plants in the ground! Low and behold, Utah has finally had a Sunny Saturday in May. Praise it all…my vegetable garden has finally been planted. Yippee! I always get a little worn out (and sunburned) on the planting day, but once the old girl is in…she […]

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


How many of you have some brown spotted bananas on your counter? Do you find yourself in this predicament on a regular basis? I know I do! There is just something about that big bag of bananas hanging out at Costco that lures me in every time. “Buy Me!” they seem to say. “I am […]

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Italian Tortellini Soup


  Those of you who live in a warm and  heavenly climate might be thinking “Why in the world would this chic post a soup recipe in May?” Well, because it has been raining here all week and it is cold, cold, cold.  So there you have it. A little soul warming soup from JamieCooksItUp. Love this soup. […]

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