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Refrigerator Bran Muffins


Just a few short years ago when I was a young girl  and my Mother was well….. my Mother…. Still is, lucky for me. We just don’t happen to live in the same house anymore.  Because she is done raising her kids… And because I am in the middle of raising 5 million kids…..  Give […]

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Hearty Breakfast Burritos and a Giveaway


Hello and how the heck are ya? Doing well, I hope! This morning dawns the beginning  of a new school year for my two oldest kids. My poor middle daughter Emily has been back to school  for five weeks now. Oh the blessing of year round school.  Not really fair is it? The dear girl […]

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Chinese Cabbage Salad


Ah….the Chinese Cabbage Salad.  Seen at many a BBQ,  Potluck Party,  Baptism Luncheon,  Blessing Day…. Baby Shower… Wedding Shower… Please don’t eat it in the shower…. Or prepare it in the shower…. Holiday Party…. Get together and chit chat…. You name it.   Chinese Cabbage Salad seems to make a  regular appearance these days, doesn’t it? […]

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Ice Cream Sandwich Bar


This pretty little lady just happens to be my daughter. Anna.  Anna the sweet, the funny, the kind hearted,  soon to enter the hallways of junior high… girl of wonder.  She had a birthday this past week and turned the ripe old age of  Twelve.  If you are tired of reading about all my children […]

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Mario and Luigi Birthday Cakes


  To view a Buttercream Frosting Tutorial click HERE. Want to make an easy Spiderman Birthday Cake? Click HERE. Spiderman not your thing? How about Buzz Light Year?   Once upon a time… I had two little twin baby boys.   They were really somethin’! Cried on occasion. Slept a lot. Ate a lot.  I cuddled […]

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Smokey Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken


 Hungry? Mad hungry for something  savory… smokey…. crispy… and stuffed with cream cheese?   You are! Me too.    I came across this recipe for Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken while reading a Taste Of Home magazine a few weeks ago. As soon as I read the title, I knew I was in.  Then after reading […]

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Cookbook Giveaway! 101 Gourmet Cake Bites!


                      Just a reminder about the $100 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway going on over on my Review Blog.  To enter and to read my review of the new Samsung 4-Door LCD Refrigerator  click HERE.  Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you are enjoying a little fun in the sun… A little breeze through the trees… […]

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Homemade Ice Cream. No Ice Cream Machine Needed!


It is  Wednesday! Time for another simple, fun, tasty recipe that your kids can help you make in the kitchen.  Click here to view past kid friendly posts.  Now, when I said SIMPLE… I reallllllllly meant it.  This fabulous Homemade Ice Cream has very few ingredients and the best part… YOU DON’T NEED AN ICE […]

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Mint Chocolate Whoopie Pies


 A week or so ago I went to lunch with my lovely mother and two crazy and wonderful sisters.  These two sisters of mine have birthdays just one day apart.  It happens like that every year, even. This is not a joke.  Years ago when these two ladies were still living at home,  they used […]

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Simple Chocolate Ganache


Just a little reminder about the $100 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway and the Samsung Refrigerator review I have going on over at my Review Blog. Take a look, it you would like!   Chocolate Ganache. Smooth, velvety and delectably divine.  You’ve seen this beautiful chocolate glaze before, haven’t you? It can be poured over […]

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