Top Ten Recipes from 2011, times two.

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The year is quickly drawing to a close, my friends. 2011 will soon be nothing but a memory. Can you believe it! Time just seems to be flying by. Another day gone, a few more gray hairs grown.

As a tribute to the past year I’ve put together TWO Top Ten lists for you. The first is a list of the most popular recipes. The second, a compilation of my own personal favorites from the year. It’s been fun to look back and see just what you all are most interested in!

Here they are, starting with the 10th most popular. 

Top Ten Most Popular Recipes of 2011

….and the number one, 
most viewed 
and loved 
by all of you fine readers is,
none other than the lovely….
You might find it interesting to know that this simple, easy to make recipe has been viewed more than every recipe I chose for my personal Top Ten Favorites combined….and then tripled.
Did that even make sense?
It was a little wordy.
The point is…
You guys really love Crispy Cheddar Chicken!
Crazy how that happens. 
Simple can sometimes be sensational, I am learning. 

My Personal Top Ten Favorite Recipes 
from 2011
Would you please make this pie for me at your earliest convenience? Thank you kindly.

A quick, easy way to enjoy a fabulous lunch or light dinner. 
I’m not kidding. This stuff is the bomb. 
 A little bit time consuming, but worth every bite. 
In heaven these tempting delights have no calories. 
It’s true. Would I lie to you?
 I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. 
 If I ate this every day for the rest of my life, 
I may only live 2 more weeks. 
Rich, decadent, calorie laden and divine.


I realize I have two recipes listed here…
but one should not be made without the other. 🙂

Make these today.
And tomorrow.
And next Wednesday. 
Unless you are on a diet. 
Then please NEVER make them, 
they are sure to be a diet ruin-er.