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This is a great basic quiche recipe I got from my sister in law Mary. You can add a different kind of meat, or omit the onions and spinach. However, I wouldn’t dare make it without a lot of cheese and some sort of meat. This recipe calls for bacon and Swiss. Sausage or ham would also be great. I […]

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Pumpkin Roll

I had a great time this week with two wonderful friends, Cindi and Julie.We made a bunch of pumpkin rolls for our neighborhood bake sale. My sweet friend Cindi is a crafter of many fine deserts and even caters small events on occasion. She is the master of The Pumpkin Roll. I had a great time learning […]

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Mint Oreo Cookies

These delightful treats are super super easy. The cookie dough is made from a devils food cake mix. How easy is that! The frosting is homemade with a hint of mint. Gotta LOVE chocolate and mint. Love may be too light of a word. I think I might be down right obsessed with chocolate and […]

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Adam’s Bottled Cranberry Sauce, makes 10 pints

This recipe was developed by MyHandsomeHusband. He is a wiz with all kinds of sauces and gravy’s. I am often calling him into the kitchen to help me season up all kinds of things. Just another one of his talents.  How does one guy end up with so many? Just lucky, I guess. This recipe is […]

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Cheese and Vegetable Soup

This has been a Willahan family favorite for years. I never take it anywhere that I’m not asked for the recipe. It is a wonderful recipe that turns out great every time. There are no instructions for this one that say vague things like…”salt and pepper to taste”, or add “about this much water”. Nope. None […]

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Lion House Cheesecake

This is a wonderful recipe I have made many times. You definitely want to use a spring form pan. I have used both a 9 and a 10 inch. The 9 works a bit better, the cheesecake obviously ends up thicker. I know Wal mart usually carries a package of three spring form pans for […]

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Whole Wheat Muffins

Put away your Kitchen Aid Mixer,  and say good bye to the Bosch, baby. All you need for this fabulous dinner addition is a bowl, a wooden spoon,  some BASIC baking ingredients, and about 25 minutes. I received this recipe from my sweet friend Julie earlier today. They sounded good (and fast) so I made […]

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Stuffing Chicken

 This is a recipe I make at least once a month. The kids really enjoy it….and my husband adores it. So, it gets put on the menu a lot. It’s great to make this time of year, as Stove Top Stuffing is usually on sale. I like to purchase a whole slew of boxes and keep […]

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Peanut Butter Pie

 If you are a lover of peanut butter and chocolate….then this delectable pie is for you. We are indeed approaching the great pie making season of the year. This one is a piece of cake to make. Well, a piece of pie actually. Thanks to my sweet friend Trisha for having a birthday and being […]

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Lion House Honey Butter

This is the real stuff guys. Nothing low-cat, low-fat about this delectable delight. Put a dollop on the Holiday Crescent Rolls I posted yesterday, and you’ll think you have died and gone to HEAVEN, and I’m not even kidding. You’ll want to be sure and start with softened butter, and give yourself about 3-5 hours […]

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