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Caramel Layer Brownies

On to the desserts everyone! What ladies luncheon would be complete without some fantastic sugary delights? I got this great recipe from my dear friend Kristine. She is the kind of gal who makes you laugh just by being in her presence.  She’s got a lot of funny stories to tell. Once when she met […]

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Pink Dressing Salad

Are you ready for THE best salad post of the year? Are you in need of a salad that is going to knock the socks off your guests?  You just better hope they have clean feet, is all I can say ’cause those socks are comin’ off. This  salad is going to be your good friend. I never take it […]

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Pasta Salad with Artichokes and Feta

This salad is very unique and tasty. The feta cheese and artichoke hearts give  nice sharp bite to the pasta. It is a great addition to any get together. The recipe comes from my sweet friend Katherine. She does not have a sharp bite, or harsh word to say about anyone. She’s a sweet gal raising some beautiful […]

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Sarah’s Salad

This is a wonderful salad that is very easy to prepare. I do not know who Sarah is!  She’s most likely some lovely pioneer lady, since the recipe comes from The Lion House. I spent many an evening mixing this salad up when I worked there. The ingredients are very basic, but have a fabulous taste […]

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Raspberry Honey Butter

This wonderful Raspberry Honey Butter is a twist on a Lion House Classic. Those of you who have read this blog for a while now know that I worked at the good old Lion House for many years while I was going to college.  I learned a lot about food preparation, hosting large events, and how to gain […]

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Lime Slush

Hello to you all! Welcome to Spring Shower Post #1. This week I am posting a recipe each day, that would be fabulous for any kind of wedding shower, baby shower, or spring holiday get together. This slush recipe has been part of our family for years. Years and years. I really can’t remember a time in my […]

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Spring Shower Posts

Planning a get together this spring? Here is a list complete with links to some of my great Spring Shower recipes. You won’t be disappointed!   Lime Slush Raspberry Honey Butter Holiday Crescent Rolls Cracked Wheat Feather Rolls Sarah’s Salad Pasta Salad with Artichokes and Feta Pink Dressing Salad Caramel Layer Brownies York Peppermint Paddy […]

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Apple Wheat Pancakes and Buttercream Syrup

Oh my blog reading, recipe seeking, food gawking friends. When you taste this Buttercream Syrup, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. Heaven, I say. Will heaven be a place where we can all eat buttery delights to our hearts content? I’m crossing my fingers. Heaven would be eating this creamy syrup […]

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Lasagna Casserole

This a wonderful recipe I recently found at  Mommy’s Kitchen. Tina is the writer of that fine blog and has a whole slew of  family friendly recipes to share. She is a gal with a lot of southern hospitality and has helped me on many occasions with a number of blogging questions.  My family loved this casserole. […]

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Slim Down Saturday and Lentil and Bacon Soup

For those of you who are new to this blog, Saturday is the day I set aside to post recipes and food ideas that are healthy, healthy, healthy. You might be wondering how “bacon” got put into a post with the word “slim”. The bacon in this soup is is minimal, but adds a fabulous smokey […]

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