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The Weekend Report: An Eagle Scout

My boy Mark was awarded the Eagle Scout of Honor this past week. Good on him, right! When he was just a little baby I remember feeling super blessed and overwhelmed with young motherly love. I knew I would love him every single day I was living on this green earth. I was grateful to […]

Creamy Vanilla Berry Salad

I have a super easy, super fast, super delicious, crowd pleasing recipe for you all today. I love a recipe loaded down with those features, don’t you? Especially during the summer months. What is it about summer that keeps us running in 790 directions every day? I’m sure I don’t know all the reasons but […]

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

I love a good ice cream pie. They are so easy to put together and make a fun finish to any meal.  I made this cherry chocolate version a couple of weeks ago when I had my parents over for dinner. My day is a big cherry chocolate fan, so I thought it would be […]

Raspberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip

One of the most popular recipes on my site is a wonderful Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip that many of you have made and loved. I wanted to make a version that could be enjoyed in the summertime. I omitted the cranberries (can’t find them this time of year, as you know) and added raspberries in […]

Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs with Tzatziki (Creamy Cucumber) Sauce

Man, do I have a couple of delicious recipes to share with you today. My sister-in-law Mary has been making these fabulous Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs with Tzaziki Sauce for me and my family over the past couple of months when we get together. The flavor combination is wonderful! I invited my parents over the […]

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes in a Flag Shape

Holidays are a great time to bake something fun and cute, right? I bet 90% of Americans actually wake up the morning of the fourth of July with a severe CRAVING for red, white and blue frosting. I bet so, man. I really do. And if that colorful frosting they are craving with a vengeance, […]

Lemon Butter Rice

This wonderful Lemon Butter Rice might not look like much, but baby…its simple buttery lemon flavor is down right delicious. My sister-in-law Mary has been making it and serving it with some amazing grilled chicken kabobs for the past several months, much to our families delight. I’ve been meaning to post it for a while […]

Honey Dijon Chicken

This is simple, scrumptious and satisfying chicken recipe, my friends. Simple. Scrumptious. Satisfying. Those are the important features this chicken has to offer you. Qualities I know you and I both appreciate! The chicken is pounded flat, seared in just a bit of olive oil and butter. Then a simple creamy sauce with hints of […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smore Bars

The winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card is Susanna Williams comment #252. Congratulations to you! I will contact you shortly for your shipping info. Thanks to all those who entered!  A couple of weeks ago I bought the ingredients to make a batch of  S’more Cookies, fully intending to take them along to a […]

How to make a great Classic Grilled Burger

I have been on a quest lately. A quest to make a fantastic, juicy, flavorful grilled burger. Nothing fancy or gourmet…just a great tasting classic burger. So, I set myself to work…looking up information online, checking out books in the library, asking around. I even found myself reading a book called “Tips for Great Grilling” […]

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