Burrito Casserolle

Well, I sure hope you are in the mood for easy. Easy and yummy. Hearty and satisfying. It’s hard to not be in the mood for those four things, isn’t it!  Those four things make life run just a bit smoother. If you would like to enter the Lawry’s Seasoning and Bakeware giveaway, well then….. […]

Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake

Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake.  Need I say more? Sure I will. I just can’t help myself. This confection is down right heavenly! I made this cheesecake last August for my daughter Annas birthday. It was a huge hit. This heavenly dessert would make a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving Holiday Feast. I for one, am planning […]

Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate Waffles, dripping with homemade strawberry jam and adorned with a dollop of whip cream. Chocolaty richness in every bite. This recipe comes from The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook. These Chocolate Waffles are WONDERFUL!!!! My family was thrilled beyond belief when I served them up for breakfast. Some ate them with maple syrup, some with strawberry […]

November Menu and Lawry’s Seasoning and Bakeware Giveaway

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween! I have a fun little giveaway for you all today. If you would like to enter to win some great Lawry’s Seasoning Packets along with a large baking dish then click over to my review blog and enter! I am also posting my November […]

A little chuckle. Just. For. You.

Good morning, and boy do I have a cute story for you all today! I’d like you to meet my sister Alli and her family. Don’t they look like a nice bunch of folks? Well, I’ll tell you something. They are! Last week Alli was feeling just a little frustrated. The cause of the frustration? A […]

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Bites

 Now I know that you all have been enjoying  your fair share of chocolate lately. If you have been hanging out here with me… you have a least been viewing a lot of chocolate.  Did you know when VIEWING CHOCOLATE you actually consume less calories,  than when you actually EAT CHOCOLATE. I know! Really amazing! […]

White Chocolate Popcorn

Ok, so as I am writing this lovely post  in the wee small hours of the morning, or the dark hours of late late night time…however you prefer to see it. It has occurred to me that the last three posts have all included some kind of chocolate. Alright, they have included A LOT of […]

Chocolate Dipped Spider Web Oreos

Happy Halloween Week, everyone! I hope you have some spooktacular plans coming your way.  I really love Halloween. Not the scary, morbid, freakish, blood dripping kind of Halloween.  I don’t really get into all of that, haven’t ever really seen the point. Blood and guts and gore. No thanks. I’ll pass. But there is just […]

Caramel Apples dipped in Chocolate

Caramel Apples. The very words just shout “Fall”, don’t they? Dip those bad boys in a little chocolate,  paint a little more chocolate on top… and let’s just say, you are going to be in a happy place. Very happy, indeed. To tell you the truth, making Caramel Apples has always intimidated me just a […]

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

So I have been thinking lately.   “A dangerous past time, I know.”  But, I just can’t help myself. I’ve been dreaming and scheming and thinking of how I could make some really wonderful dinner rolls,  without taking up 3 hours of time. Yes, I know. An extremely intellectual topic. There are two roll recipes […]