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Molten Lava Cake

Wow! That picture’s bright enough to knock your socks off, isn’t it!  It just shouts out…. Eat me! Eat me! Rah Rah! Eat me! No, I wasn’t a cheer leader in high school. Those of you who know me from high school are nodding your head and thinking… “Nope, no way (chuckle, chortle) that girl is […]

How to make your own Tiered Serving Platter for ***CHEAP***

Hello everyone! I have a fun, inexpensive little idea for you all today. It is after all going to Mothers Day soon I thought you might enjoy a fun gift idea.  I was at a wedding shower a few weeks ago and someone brought some delightful lemon squares on the most lovely tiered platter. I asked where she had […]

Classic Spinach Salad

You might be thinking…  “Well that looks like a simple salad!”  You might be thinking…  “I need some sunglasses to shield my beautiful eyes from that shockingly bright yellow egg yolk.” I know I am. You might be thinking “Gosh. I really love red onions,  and Swiss cheese, and mushrooms, and boiled eggs, and BACON. Oh yes, […]

Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing

Well, well, well. Spring is in the air everyone! (At least it has been today, who knows about tomorrow.) The way I can tell it’s spring….. 1.The hot pink color on my arms after hanging out at the park with a great friend and three sweet little boys. 2. The 30 potato bugs LittleTwinBoyAaron  had squished tightly in his […]

Light and Dark Chocolate Pinwheels Cookies

If you have been following this blog for even one teeny tiny week you know we have been chatting a lot about the beauty of a cake mix. I loved reading all of your comments about how a cake mix helps to  to simplify your lives. It got my mind just a rollin over all of […]

Parmeson Chicken w/ Spaghetti Sauce

I have a very SIMPLE meal idea for you on this Friday morning. I am in the mood for simple.  This past couple of weeks I’ve been 10 different shades of frazzled. Yes. 10 different shades. Does that ever happen to you? We’ve had a lot of family events, a vacation, a holiday, baptism, birthday, a […]

Tiered Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Filling

Here you have it! The cake I made for Emily’s birthday/baptism celebration. Does it look like the cake the dear girl picked from Flickr Photostream? Well….not really.  But at least I didn’t accidentally turn it elephant gray. I have learned a bit since that bad food coloring experience.  She loved the cake and we had a […]

Healthy Corn Muffins

These wonderful corn muffins come together in a snap and have less fat than most muffins. Quick and Healthy….two things that carry a lot of weight around here. Well actually, we hope they help us NOT carry so much weight. I would be happy as a lark if these beauties could automatically shave about 5 inches […]

Ham Fried Rice

I have  some fine looking tasty Ham Fried Rice for you today. This dish is great with the Teriaki Chicken I posted yesterday, or just on its own. The recipe works best if you use cold left over rice. You can also make your rice fresh, but cold rice is better. I am getting hungry just […]

Teriyaki Chicken

Hello to all of you Easter loving, spring hopping, candy stashing readers. I hope the holiday weekend was all you hoped it would be. My family and I spent a very muddy and snowy weekend at Bear Lake. We had one egg hunt indoors, and one in the snow and mud! Who forgot to tell the weather man […]