Orange Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

 Don’t anyone fall off your chair or anything, but the lovely dish appearing before you  is  not a baked good. I know, crazy times are upon us. Today I am in the mood for healthy food. Food you can love, love, love! Without all the chub, chub, chub! How about if we start posting these […]

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Boy, is it hot! It must be summer or something?! We’ve been spending a lot of time in the car lately,  my children and I.  (Lot of road trips…) We’ve been burning a hole through the Glee soundtrack I keep handy in my minivan. Love Glee by the way… love the music… can’t get enough […]

Lemon Cookies with White Chocolate

That’s just what folks are going to say when you offer them one of    these Lemon Cookies with White Chocolate. “Hmmmmm…” they’ll add.”What do we have here?” You’ll smile and hand over one of these delectable delights. “Just a lovely cookie.” you’ll answer back. Then you’ll stand back and wait  For the smile. For the […]

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Hello I love you Won’t you tell me your name… The name. The name of these Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins has been the subject of a bit of a debate between TeenSonMark and I. When I was taking these pictures, I put a zucchini in the background for one or two shots. Mark said something […]

Cheesecake Bars with Strawberries and Chocolate Ganache

These delicious cheesecake bars are very easy to make!  Don’t get all worried about not having a spring-form pan, or knowing who “ganache” is. These fabulous Cheesecake Bars with Strawberries and Chocolate Ganache are going to have you singing happy songs, folks! The Cheesecake Bars should be made a day in advance and left to […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello! Hats off to ya. Hope you are well. And feelin’ swell. If you need a little something to smile about click here to enter a fun Sassy Apron Giveaway sponsored my  They will be sending one of you fine ladies a snappy new apron! Head on over and check it out!   If […]

Turkey and Cucumber Sandwiches

My lovely sister in law Mary taught me to make these easy, delicious sandwiches. She learned to make them  from her Mother in Law  (hello Jeanne!) who used to run a wedding business. They are a wonderful, fast way to feed a large crowd at a wedding, shower, ladies lunch, book club, church luncheon, school party, […]

Caramel Popcorn Balls

A couple of weeks ago, when I was at Bear Lake with my extended family we had a real need for a treat. Let me rephrase that. We hadn’t had a treat in almost 3 hours….so we were in need. Terrible need. Of something gooey… Sweet… Sticky…. My sister in law Miriam pulled this fabulous recipe for […]

Baked Zucchini with Mozzarella

 Well, well, well. The zucchini growing in my garden have  finally made an appearance at the dinner table. Welcome, welcome! We love zucchini around here and I find myself putting it in all kinds of things throughout the summer and into the fall. I wanted to make this fabulous Baked Zucchini with Mozzarella  very first […]

Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a nice weekend and you have managed to keep yourself free from sunburn and mosquito bites. We’ve had a bit of both around here. But, what can you expect! The glorious summer time is upon us, and heat is all around. Sunburns and mosquito bites  are a small […]