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Carrot Cake

This is the carrot cake recipe to end all carrot cake recipes. It’s from the Lion House cookbook, and I have been making it for years. Several of my family members request it each year for their birthday. I made this one a couple of weeks ago when my Mom turned 59. Don’t be overwhelmed […]

Sweet Cafe Rio Pork

This yummy sweet pork shows it’s lovely face at our dinner table quite frequently. This is one of those great recipes that is put in the crock pot in the morning, and ready to eat in the afternoon. You do need to be available to take the meat out after 4 hours of cooking, shred […]

***GIVEAWAY**and a cookbook review!

Today I am reviewing this great cookbook. You can purchase the book at at this link. Jane Dorian, the author is also giving away a copy to one of you! I have really enjoyed reading it and trying some of the recipes! Jane gives wonderful tips for freezing, storing and making portions of recipes in advance, so when you […]

Slim Down Saturday

Welcome to my first Slim Down Saturday post. If you are new to this blog, beware. This is not a health food site, nor a “let’s all be on a diet” site. This blog is all about GOOD FOOD. In many shapes and forms. There are a variety of recipes in my archives, ranging from “delicious […]

Homemade White Bread

This recipe has been revamped with new pictures and instructions. You can find the new post HERE.   

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

 This is a great kid lovin’, adult pleasin’ recipe I got from my dear friend Kristine. I have changed it somewhat to incorporate more of the ingredients I keep on hand. It should only take about 60 minutes from start to finish and is delicious with my   Quick and Easy Breadsticks. Creamy Chicken and […]

Chicken Soup

If you need a little something to warm up your spirits today, this is the soup for you. This soup tastes best if the chicken is allowed to simmer slowly for about 2 hours. It smells like heaven while it’s cooking away….it’s a great meal to make on a day you are hanging out at home cleaning out […]

January Menu

Here is a list of the fabulous things I am planning for for my January menu. The recipes that are in black are upcoming posts. The ones in RED are links to recipes that are already in my archives. You can just click on them, and they will appear. Isn’t that handy! The Internet is an amazing tool I […]

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

This is a fabulous recipe I have played with for a long time. I think I finally have it mastered. I never take these anywhere that I’m not asked for the recipe. They are super delicious, and best just out of the oven. However, I always freeze some in gallon zip lock bags. Then I […]


  These crepes would make a wonderful holiday/vacation breakfast. My kids thinks they are fantastic, and you can fill them with so many fun things! The crew around here likes to fill them with scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon. Actually our rule is, you have to have one filled with eggs before you can have […]