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Chicken and Rice Bake

 This has been a standard at our house for years. The original recipe came from my Mom but I have tweaked it a bit to make it a bit more healthy. (The original called for an entire stick of melted butter…I like to save my sticks of butter for cookies.) One of the best things […]

Penne with Tomatoes and Spinach

Love this recipe. It’s very fresh tasting, and comes together super quickly. There is no protein in it however, so sometimes I throw in some cooked shrimp in at the end. It’s also great with grilled chicken or salmon on the side.   PrintPenne with Tomatoes and Spinach Total Time: 20 minutes Yield: 6 servings […]

Loaded Black Bean Soup

  This is a terrific recipe I found in a Cooking Light magazine I checked out from the library. I am always looking for ways to use dried beans….they are very cheap (I have got a TON of them in my food storage, I’ve been told they keep up to 30 years! ) and they […]

Everyday French Toast

This is my basic French Toast recipe. It can be made pretty quickly! My kids like to pour syrup over the top. I like the wheat bread, with a tiny bit of jam, and 1 C warm blueberries over the top. It’s a great weight loss choice, as it is whole wheat and fruit, and […]

Quick and Easy Breadsticks

This is one of my very best recipes. These breadsticks can be made from scratch in about 40 minutes, from start to finish. They are light and delicious with any kind of Italian dish, or with soup. This recipe makes one cookie sheet, or about 36 small 2×5 inch breadsticks. It works great in a […]

Sweet and Sour Pork

This is a recipe I received from my dear friend Teresa. I have added and changed a few things to fit my families tastes. It is super. My son Mark says “Mom this sauce is THE bomb!” I guess that means it’s a keeper. All of my kids like it, which means success any way […]

Best Banana Bread

I have tried a lot of different banana bread recipes. This is one of my favorites because the outside gets so crispy, and sugary sweet. It has a really wonderful outer crust, while the inside stays moist. This recipe can be doubled, tripled…or I have even made it with 10 bananas before and quadrupled the recipe. However, […]

Fabulous French Bread

This recipe has been renewed and updated. To view the new recipe click on the link below. FABULOUS FRENCH BREAD

Whole Wheat Bread

CLICK HERE for a renewed and updated version of this recipe!     

Snickers Suprise

I made this little recipe up one afternoon when I was short on time and needed a desert quick! These Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches come in so handy! They are often on sale and Betty Crocker frequently releases online coupons that can be printed and used. I purchased this mix for 25 cents! THAT is […]