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Oreos Dipped in Minty White Chocolate

Well, hold on to your hats, this week all of my posts are TREAT recipes! All I can say is, tis the season. Hope you enjoy some of my standard Christmas goodies. These Dipped Oreos have to be up there in my top 5 yummy cookies. I’m not really a plain oreo cookie fan, but dip […]

Buttery Blonde Banana Bread

This recipe is  To. Die. For. I got it from the super great food blog,  My Kitchen Cafe. Melanie has got a TREMENDOUS amount of fabulous food represented there. I had 6 bananas going brown on my counter, so I thought I would give her recipe a try. It’s different from other banana bread recipes I have loved in the […]

Luscious Lemon Pie

Well guys and gals….this is my best newly tried pie recipe. I got it from a Taste of Home cookbook. LOVE Taste of Home. They have some seriously great stuff.  I wanted to try it and get it posted before Thanksgiving….you know every one is just the slightest bit interested in pie recipes the week before […]

Homemade Won Tons with Dipping Sauce

These fabulous homemade Won Tons are a great Eskelson Family Tradition. My father in law Mark,  spent 2 years as an LDS missionary in Japan, and MyHandsomeHusband served a mission in Korea. They both learned to love them while they were serving, and have since put in many hours making them for family. They certainly take some time, but […]

Corn Bread

Hello, I trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope all your cooking went well, and there weren’t too many kitchen catastrophes. It seems there are often a few glitches now and then!  I for one, made 1 wonderful pecan pie, and one pecan pie that turned into a soupy mess. A post to come soon with those details! I […]

Gravy, how to make it GREAT!

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone. I hope you all have marvelous plans that include the people that you love and food that is fabulous. I thought I would post some tips today for gravy making. There are also some links to recipes you might like to include in your Holiday Feast. Happy Cooking, and may we […]


This is a great basic quiche recipe I got from my sister in law Mary. You can add a different kind of meat, or omit the onions and spinach. However, I wouldn’t dare make it without a lot of cheese and some sort of meat. This recipe calls for bacon and Swiss. Sausage or ham would also be great. I […]

Pumpkin Roll

I had a great time this week with two wonderful friends, Cindi and Julie.We made a bunch of pumpkin rolls for our neighborhood bake sale. My sweet friend Cindi is a crafter of many fine deserts and even caters small events on occasion. She is the master of The Pumpkin Roll. I had a great time learning […]

Mint Oreo Cookies

These delightful treats are super super easy. The cookie dough is made from a devils food cake mix. How easy is that! The frosting is homemade with a hint of mint. Gotta LOVE chocolate and mint. Love may be too light of a word. I think I might be down right obsessed with chocolate and […]

Adam’s Bottled Cranberry Sauce, makes 10 pints

This recipe was developed by MyHandsomeHusband. He is a wiz with all kinds of sauces and gravy’s. I am often calling him into the kitchen to help me season up all kinds of things. Just another one of his talents.  How does one guy end up with so many? Just lucky, I guess. This recipe is […]