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50 Wonderful Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner Recipes

Hey there, dear reader. Easter is quickly approaching! Hope you have some fun plans with the people that you love. I’ve put together a big list of recipes for you all today that would be perfect for Easter Brunch or Easter Dinner. Hope you find something to love! Easy Cream Cheese Danish Make Ahead Breakfast […]

Menu Plan April Week #2

Hello, friends and dear readers. It’s spring break at my house this week. (Woo Hoo!) Looking forward to spending time with friends and family over the next few days and couldn’t be happier about it. With my people home from school and considering our plans to travel both to Southern Utah and to Bear Lake […]

How to plan food for Girls Camp, Youth Conference, Family Reunions or other Large Groups

Hello there, friends! This time of year I always receive a ton of emails with questions about feeding large groups. Must be the coming summer season and its grand number of Girls Camps, Youth Conferences and Family Reunions. I put a post together to share with you all today, with some tips, sample menus, recipes and […]

Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars (Large Batch)

When spring rolls around my inbox tends to see many emails that have a similar question. “I am in charge of planning food for girls camp! Help!” or “I have to feed 300 people at my family reunion, what ever shall I do?” or “Please send chocolate immediately, my son is leaving on a mission […]

Meal Plan April Week #1

Happy April, everyone! Time seems to go by so fast, doesn’t it! We are certainly seeing our fair share of April showers around here with a nice addition of sunny days mixed in as well. A pretty great combination, actually. Considering the weather, I added a great soup recipe this week (it’s not too warm […]

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Hold onto your hats, I have a killer fabulous recipe to share with you all today, my friends! Think…cinnamon roll-meets pancake-meets heavenly cream cheese glaze for a killer, over the top, caramelized pancake of wonder. They are seriously so good! They would make a fantastic lazy morning breakfast. Or late night treat, or after dinner […]

Salted Nut Roll Bars

A couple weeks ago MyHandsomeHusband came home from work with a sampling of one of these bars for me. One of his coworkers had brought them along to share with the office, everyone loved them and being the good man he is, he scooped one up for his recipe seeking wife. We love him, don’t […]

Menu Plan March Week #5

Hello everyone and happy spring! I hope you have seen a yellow daffodil or two this week. 🙂 I know I have and isn’t it a welcome sight! Hooray to winter being over. I have a great lineup of food for you this week, including a fantastic Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken (new this week) and […]

Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken

I love the simple deliciousness of this easy recipe. The flavor combination of the lemon, honey and and fresh ginger is wonderful! The cooking method, super simple, my friends. Chicken chunks are cooked in a large skillet while a heavenly sauce is mixed up and cooked in a sauce pan. Add them together and vwalla…this heavenly […]

Berry Crumb Cake with Strawberry Sauce (Chili’s Copycat)

Dear reader, you must make this dessert. Please put it on your Spring Baking List and make it happen at your earliest convenience. It’s so unique and so wonderful! (As I mentioned in yesterday’s post) a friend of mine recently told me all about a Berry Crumble Cake she had enjoyed at Chili’s and wondered […]