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Menu Plan: May Week #1

Hello there, everyone! If you missed yesterdays announcement, let me make you aware that I’m starting a new series called Friday’s Report, where I will post lifestyle type articles that are hopefully both fun and informative. You can see the first installment HERE, where I talk about some Great Apps for Busy Families. That post […]

Friday’s Report: Great APPS for busy families

Hey there gang. I’m excited to announce a new series I’m launching today! Hooray for new and exciting things. I’ve been busy working this blogging gigĀ for almost 8 years now. There are over 1,200 recipes living and breathing on this site. Food is my thing, as you well know. However, it’s fun for me to […]

Super Soft Chocolate Swig Cookies

Are you a fan of Swig Sugar Cookies? They are really all the rage in Utah right now! Little Soda and Cookie Shops are popping up all over the place that feature specialty sodas and a variety of amazing sugar cookies. I posted a recipe for the class Swig Sugar Cookie a couple of months […]

Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders with Poppy Seed Sauce

These Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders are amazing! Soft and sweet Hawaiian Rolls are spread with a buttery poppyseed/mustard sauce and then layered with sliced ham and swiss cheese. Nestled into a 9×13 pan and covered with foil, they get baked for less than 15 minutes creating a toasty bun, melted cheese and over all […]

Menu Plan April Week #4

Hello there, dear reader! I’ve got a fantastic lineup of food for you this week, including the fabulous Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs (if you haven’t ever tried them, please do so at your earliest convenience…they are marvelous!), an amazingly wonderful Spaghetti Sauce you can make in your crock pot and one of my favorite desserts […]

No-Bake Granola Bites

Several weeks ago I was on the look out for a “healthy snack” to bring along to our Young Womens activity. I spied these delicious looking No-Bake Granola Bites on my cute friend Mel’s blog and gave them a whirl. Wow. Holy cow. I’m not sure if they are considered healthy if you eat more […]

Cheddar Crusted Chicken Broccoli Casserole

I am really on a casserole kick as of late. Seriously, they are just the best for days when my family is running around in the afternoon to various activities. I can hear myself saying “dish yourself some of the casserole before you head out the door again, my people” and “there is wonderful sustenance […]

Menu Plan April Week #3

Hello there, everyone and Happy Easter Weekend to you! If you are still looking for some fabulous recipes to add to your holiday lineup click HERE to see a list of 50 Wonderful Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner Recipes. I hope you have some fun plans with the people that you love! I have a […]

Creamy Lime Pie

I have to admit to being on the fence about what to name this delicious pie, my friends. It’s kind of a cross between a fluffy version of Key Lime Pie and a No Bake Lime Cheesecake. What can a person name a pie such as this! This is the very real and trying issue […]

50 Wonderful Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner Recipes

Hey there, dear reader. Easter is quickly approaching! Hope you have some fun plans with the people that you love. I’ve put together a big list of recipes for you all today that would be perfect for Easter Brunch or Easter Dinner. Hope you find something to love! Easy Cream Cheese Danish Make Ahead Breakfast […]