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25 Sweet Valentines Day Recipes

Hey there, dear reader! Have you decided what you are going to do for Valentines Day this year? I would imagine you have, indeed made some solid plans by now. If your plans include making a sweet treat for your sweetheart, I hope you will consider one of these fabulous recipes I have to share […]

Menu Plan February Week #3

Hello and welcome to you! Before I ramble on about this weeks menu plan, I wanted to let you know I’ve been trying my hand at recipe video making (seems to be the food blogging thing to do, as of late!) and have one to share with you today. These Frosted Peanut Butter Cookies are […]

BBQ Chicken and Coconut Lime Quinoa Bowls

Hello dear reader and welcome to you today. I’m excited about the recipe I have brought along to share with you all! (It’s delicious, wonderful and a little outside the box, be warned. Please walk with me to a world outside the typical casserole, won’t you?) Have you noticed as you browse the internet, or look […]

Coconut Lime Quinoa

It’s no secret that Coconut and Lime are a fabulous flavor combination, both in sweet treats and savory dishes. I’ve wanted to come up with a savory Quinoa featuring the fabulous duo for some time now and finally put my hand to it. We make the infamous Cilantro Lime Rice at least once a month […]

Menu Plan February Week #2

Hello, hello everyone! Are you surviving winter? I’m so happy to report to you that it is February, and has been for a handful of days now, thank goodness. Baby steps to spring, am I right! Wow, the winter in Utah this year has been brutal! I was lucky enough to hop on a plane […]

Chocolate Raspberry Puff Pastry

If I could do anything within my power to convince you to make this heavenly dessert, I would do it! Friends, please take me seriously when I tell you of the sheer bliss of its deliciousness. My kids and I were swooning over it, truly. A flaky puff pastry crust is spread with a silky […]

50 Super Bowl Recipes

Hello, hello!  I have a fun recipe roundup for you all today highlighting recipes that would be fabulous to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, which just happens to be rounding the bend this week. All kinds of hearty deliciousness is in store for you! I’ve got scrumptious dips, hearty nachos, burgers, soft pretzels, sandwiches, chilis, […]

Menu Plan February Week #1

Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen!  Another week has come along, passed us by and we are staring Saturday strait in its snowy face. At least if you are in Utah, that is. Snow, man. We sure have had a lot of it! This is my youngest boy, Aaron… out last Saturday morning to help shovel […]

Swig Sugar Cookies

Have you noticed all of the fun soda/treat shops that have been opening up all over the place? I’m not sure if its just a Utah thing or what, but they are in grand abundance. There’s Swig, Sipps, Sodalicious, Fizz…and many more. They serve all kinds of different soda combinations and a variety of fancy […]

Pepperoni and Cheese Pinwheels

It’s been super cold and snowy here in Utah this winter. We’ve spent a lot of time shoveling heaps of heavy snow, and crossing our fingers that our teenage drivers survive the icy road conditions.  I know many of you are in the same situation! ‘Tis the season, after all. Unless you live in Florida, […]