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Tatertot Casserole

This Tatertot Casserole is a great feed-your-family-quick-and-cheap kind of meal. It’s a simplified spin on the classic Shepards Pie that so many of us grew up with and love. A hearty, flavorful ground beef mixture is topped with green beans, tasty tatertots and yummy cheddar cheese. You know about tatertots, don’t you? Don’t feel embarrassed if you […]

15 Things I Loved About Being A Mom This Year

No recipe today, ladies and gentlemen. I have for you instead a few thoughts about Mothers Day. Many of you know that I have 5 kids, ages 6 right up to 15. My main, first, most important job in life is to be their Mom. I love it. I truly do. I count myself blessed beyond […]

DIY What’s For Dinner Dry Erase Board with Free Printable

I went to a baby shower the other day for a sweet friend. The hostess of the party had a great dry erase board sitting next to her kitchen sink. It looked kind of like this. She told me how much she loved it, how it helped her stay organized and best of all…it kept […]

May Menu Plan 2013

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen.  Can you believe it’s May already (we are actually 6 days in, if you can believe it)! I think this school year has gone faster than any I can remember. I’m not sure who keeps time rolling so fast, but it is really wizzing by around here.  Sometimes when my […]

Homemade Caramel Sauce

To say this Homemade Caramel Sauce is fabulous would be The Great Understatement of The Universe. It honestly would. It’s hands down the best Caramel Sauce I have ever made. It’s rich, thick and creamy! Just what I love in a Caramel Sauce. It reminds me a lot of the Caramel Sauce they serve at […]

Oreo Cookies and Cream Cookies

Several weeks ago I went to lunch with a few friends from my high school days. I love getting together with them. I think we always end up laughing more than we actually talk or eat. Which is heavenly, if you ask me. I need a good laugh every now and then, you know. It […]

12 Fabulous Mexican Recipes

Hey there! I’ve got a recipe roundup for you today. Since Cinco Di Mayo is coming up next week I thought I would share 12 of my favorite Mexican Recipes with you. Weather you celebrate this holiday, or not…I hope you find something your family will love! Enjoy! New recipe coming up on Wednesday. 🙂 Ground […]

Crispy Won Ton and Chicken Asian Salad

I love a good Main Course Salad. I feel so healthy and full of  vitamins when I feed one to my family for dinner. I swear I can see their eyes shine brighter and their hair get all glossy with every bite.  But maybe that’s just my imagination running wild with me. I heard somewhere […]

Light and Creamy Toasted Sesame Asian Dressing

Oh, this dressing is divine. This dressing is creamy, tangy, sweet and full of Asian flavors.  It turns an ordinary salad into “Hot Dang! Salad is my new best friend”… in just a matter of seconds. Pour it over a nice crisp cabbage salad, spoon a little into some warm rice…toss some with roasted broccoli […]

Easy Toffee Pretzel Bark

This might be the easiest candy you will ever make. It’s MUCH easier than Homemade Caramels and more simple than regular English Toffee.  No need to stand at the stove and stir and you don’t need a candy thermometer! It’s also made with a very short list of ingredients, most of which I would bet my […]