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Bourbon Chicken (without the bourbon)

A few days ago I was running errands with MyHandsomeHusband. Nothing big and important…just picking up cottage cheese and carrot sticks. Because that’s what I have been craving like mad  lately. And you know how carrot stick cravings go. You’ve got to get to the store and get some fast, before you kill over dead […]

January Menu Plan 2012

Healthy Oven Baked French Fries  Happy 2012 to you! The New Year is stretching out right in front of us, you know. Fresh with possibility and the hope of good things to come. I have my monthly menu plan up for you today. You’ll notice that the recipes are on the lighter/healthier side of things. […]

Top Ten Recipes from 2011, times two.

The year is quickly drawing to a close, my friends. 2011 will soon be nothing but a memory. Can you believe it! Time just seems to be flying by. Another day gone, a few more gray hairs grown. As a tribute to the past year I’ve put together TWO Top Ten lists for you. The […]

Creamy Artichoke Dip

   Hi there.  How is your week going? Have you spent some time just laying around in your pj’s? Maybe reading a good book, or playing cards with your kids? I sure hope so. You deserve it! I have a great, very easy appetizer recipe for you today.  My dear friend Tricia has been making […]

Cheese Ball with Pineapple and Green Pepper

  This is THE CHEESE BALL of my youth, my young adulthood,  my marriage and my life.  If this Cheese Ball didn’t show up every year on Christmas day, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with myself and my neglected taste buds. It’s one of those treasured family recipes that keeps reappearing throughout […]

Ham and Bean Soup

  And now.  It is over.  Just like that.  Christmas has come and gone,  and has hopefully left you will some warm memories!  I hope you all had a marvelous time and  were able to spend the day with those you love most.  We are lucky to live in close proximity to our extended family […]

Merry Christmas, to you!

No new recipe today, my friends.  Just a little Merry Christmas wish, from me to you.  Besides wishing you a happy holiday, I wanted to show you something really beautiful and inspirational and breathtaking. It doesn’t have any calories…imagine that! I believe I’ve mentioned to you all before that I’m a bit of a music […]

Cinnamon Spiced Wassail and a flute.

    When I was growing up, my Mom made Christmas really great. She’s a gal with a real affection for literature and loves to search out and find stories here and there. She has a big three ring binder full of  Christmas stories that have become a family treasure of sorts. What kind of […]

Orange Glazed Ham with Mustard Sauce

Well, well, well.  I baked up some ham for you all today.  Do you like ham? How about a lovely Orange Glazed Ham,  or would you prefer Green Eggs and Ham? I really hope you choose the orange variety… because I don’t have any idea how to make Green Eggs and Ham.  And I’ve never […]

Cheap and Easy Last Minute Gifts with Free Printables

Gingersnap Cookies White Chocolate Coconut Cookies Lemon White Chocolate Cookies Almond Butter Sugar Cookies Click on the image below to download and print.  The end.  Hope this gives you a few new ideas.  Thanks so much for dropping by to see me today.  Have a good one…see you back here tomorrow.  I’ll be here with […]

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