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Caramels! Rich and Buttery

Quite a few weeks ago I got a little note from a reader telling me she had discovered the best caramel recipe this side of the universe.  Well. I just couldn’t help but make it! Twice. The first batch was consumed before it could show up for a photo shoot. That’s butter and brown sugar […]

Gingersnap Cookies, treat week continues!

You may, or may not have noticed.  But we are all about treats this week. Yummy treats for your holiday cheer.   Gingersnap cookies sort of cheer out  “Christmas Time” don’t they!  I haven’t read any kind of rule anywhere that says you can’t make these cookies year round. If you have,  just keep that little […]

Cinnamon Bear Popcorn

Boy, do I have a great recipe for you today! Several years ago my friend Katherine (We’re talking about Katherine passer-on-er of the  Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken recipe) brought this yummy Cinnamon Bear Popcorn to my house. It is good. Really good. If you like gooey sweet,  cinnamon spiked treats you are going  to  call  this […]

Creamy Dreamy Fudge

Well, my fabulous blog reading pals, December is in full swing! I hope you are enjoying life  and all that the holiday season brings with it.  If you feel like passing out cold on your bed because you are so overwhelmed with your TO-DO list… I would venture to say, you are not alone. A […]

Double Chocolate Cake with Homemade Hot Fudge

 And now I will reveal to you all…. In case you didn’t know it… It’s December. Truly. I would not tell a lie on this little ol’ blog. (ok…so I am actually posting this during the last 3 hours of November, don’t judge me too harshly.)   The treat making month of the year has […]

Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken and December Menu Plan

Hello!  Welcome to a post about dinner. Just regular old dinner. Not heavy-holiday-gain-ten-million-pounds-it’s-a-feast dinner…. ….just regular dinner. Ahhh.  Sometimes that’s nice. But don’t worry your pretty little head. I’ve got lot of holiday type recipes coming up for you all. Holiday goodies, actually… in many shapes and forms.Pretty treats for your work party..Tasty treats to […]

Something cute. Really cute!

Hello, everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I hope Black Friday left you with  10 bags of treasures  and  zero baggie black eyes.  How did all of your Thanksgiving cooking go?  I had my fingers crossed for all of us…. Thanksgiving is a bad time for a kitchen blunder, isn’t it?  Sure hope you […]

Pumpkin Mousse Cupcakes

To all of you I would like to say… Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all ready and excited for the big day. As many of you know, this past weekend I participated in a Neighborhood Bake Sale. My friend Cindi made many wonderful creations for the sale. Among them were these fabulous Pumpkin Mousse […]

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip

 Thanksgiving will be comin’ round the mountain in just a few days now you know, folks. I just can’t wait. It’s always such an enjoyable day. I love enjoyable days. Days spent eating delicious food, and visiting with wonderful family members. Looking forward to it! Today for me, was one of “those” days. You know […]

Lizzie’s Bake Sale, a successful story.

 This.   Is my friend Cindi. Isn’t she a pretty little lady?  She bakes a mean sweet treat, in many forms.  She’s also EXTREMELY kind hearted.  She is the gal who organized Lizzie’s Bake Sale  that was held this past Saturday. Lizzie is our sweet 9 year old neighbor, who was diagnosed with Leukemia this past […]

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