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Deals to Meals Giveaway!

 This giveaway is now closed So here is the thing.  Groceries are getting expensive.  Milk, butter, eggs, meat, produce….it seems that the prices go up every time I go to the store. Don’t they know I’ve got a barrel full of people to feed? Sheesh. Get serious. I’m a girl on a budget for heavens […]

Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake

Hello there! Nice to see you again. Thanks so much for taking time  out of your day to hang out here with  me and this CHOCOLATE HOT FUDGE CAKE. It’s a simple recipe, really. You most likely have all of the ingredients to make this in your pantry.    Hot dog! or  Hot fudge, actually. […]

The Grilled Turkey and Swiss you don’t want to miss

So, my friends.  I have been getting a lot of requests lately.  Requests for “easy” dinner recipes.  Recipes that can be put together in a flash… That taste pretty darn flashy as well. And so I’m always thinking…. and pondering… and wondering… What should we make? That is fast and flashy…   Then, it just […]

What a Wonderful World

I have mentioned before, that having twin boys who are 4 years old is pretty wonderful. Just today I had a little flashback, if you will. A memory of sorts….. My twin boys had recently mastered the art of walking. It was early in the morning and I had just gotten my older kids off to school. The phone rang. The […]

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Nothing says spring like fresh strawberries, does it? Ok..maybe tulips, and asparagus and the Easter bunny.  But fresh strawberries certainly have their place, now don’t they. And Fresh Strawberry Pie…. oh heavenly dessert of wonder and bliss! It is.  Just that.  Heavenly Bliss.  (If you hate strawberries…shame on you…..please disregard this post.) I have made […]

Pie Crust, let’s totally make it.

Pie Crust.  Oh sure.  Make one? From scratch?Suuuuuuure!Um, it couldn’t be too hard could it?Ok, so to be truthful I have made a lot of tough and ugly, teeth breaking pie crusts in my day. It’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you now.   But I have been practicing and practicing.And asking a lot of questions and […]

Frazzled Mothers Day Confession

                        Well now…don’t those lemon bars just look pretty enough and tempting enough to gobble right up! Go ahead and give them a try if you love  to pucker up your lips tight….. and say things like “Wowwwwww Zowwwwwiieee that is a lot of lemon….. pass the water.” If you also love lemon bars that get […]

May Menu Plan and Tasty Gift Ideas

BBQ-Ranch Chicken Salad Hello everyone. I have my monthly menu plan for you today, along with a handful of treats you could make and give as a lovely mothers day gift…or teacher appreciation gift.  Yup. It’s this week. For both. Both your mother and your teacher. I mean your children’s teachers. And chances are… you […]

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cream Cheese Dip

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Kraft. For an opportunity to enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card and to read about feeding your children fruits and vegetables click right on over to my Review Blog.  I have a little confession to make. I think about food a lot. And recipes. And […]

What Should We Do Wednesday?

 Pioneer Taffy    Fruit Juice Jigglers   Homemade Playdough   Frozen Banana Pops   M and M Sugar Cookies  Rainbow Cookies    Picture Book Pizza No Sew Summer Bag   Trix Krispie Treats  Smore Cookies and InDoor Smores Sugar Crunch Popcorn

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