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Weekly Menu Plan, Jan 12-18

Off to another week, gang! I have gathered 6 meals together for you to view and add to your weekly rotation if you so choose. Thanks to those who have left me such great feedback on the switch from Monthly to Weekly Plans! I’ve had a few requests to add shopping lists to these plans […]

Scrambled Egg Muffins

Now listen, here. I know some of you may be thinking “Scambled Egg Muffins! What in the wide world… the girl has lost her marbles…”.  And if you are thinking thoughts like these, no hard feelings, truly. I’ll admit they do sound a little bit odd. However, think of them less as a muffin and […]

Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

I have mentioned to you all a time or two before, that MyHandsomeHusband is a fabulous “sauce” maker. He is the cook behind many recipes on this blog of mine, including the Hearty Spaghetti Sauce, Adam’s Bottled Cranberry Sauce and Asian Lettuce Wraps. The man can cook, I tell you. Which is only one of his […]

Weekly Menu Plan, Jan 5-11

I mentioned in a post over the weekend, that I will be implementing a few posting changes this year. One of those is that I am discontinuing my Monthly Menu Plan posts and replacing them with WEEKLY MENU PLANS that will be posted each week on Sunday afternoon and will be housed on the home […]

A Few Fresh Changes for 2015!

Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe it’s 2015? Time seems to be flying by at record speed, seriously!  With the fresh start of a new year I have been contemplating a few changes for this blog of mine. “How can I make it better…” is a thought that runs through my mind frequently. I […]

The Most Viewed Recipes of 2014

  Today I am sharing the Top Ten Most Viewed Recipes of 2014. Several of these recipes have made the Top Ten list for many years now (Turkey Breast of Wonder, Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip and Crispy Cheddar Chicken have been popular for years!). It’s fun to take a look back and see what you […]

My Favorite Recipes Posted in 2014

2014 is almost over, can you believe it! I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday with the people you love. During the last week of the year, I like to post a round-up of my favorite recipes that have been posted during the past year. You can see the list from 2013 […]

Merry Christmas!

Just popping in to wish you all a Merry Christmas today. I won’t be posting any new recipes this week due to the impending holiday. If you are still looking for something wonderful to feed your people this week, click here for my complete recipe file…or here for breakfast, here for dessert and here for roast […]

Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

With Christmas being next week, I wanted to offer up at least one “make ahead” breakfast idea that would save you a little time on the big day, while being super delicious in the process. These fun Breakfast Sandwiches are fabulous, gang. Truly, my family was dying over them and asked me repeatedly why I […]

Peppermint Fudge Bundt Cake

If you are looking for something fun and festive to take a long to your next holiday party, this baby just might be it. Loaded with chocolate flavor, this bundt cake is moist and rich. Creamy peppermint frosting, chocolate ganache and crushed candy canes adorn the top of this beauty making for a fun presentation […]

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