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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

This is a sponsored post from The Plus Side. Every time the calendar rolls around to Bleak Mid Winter I start to crave everything lemon. Beach Street Lemon Chicken, Luscious Lemon Pie and Blackberry Cashew Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Vinaigrette…to name just a few. Lemon is one of my very favorite flavors and when the […]

Weekly Menu Plan: Feb. 6-13

Another week is upon us, dear reader. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will roll around every day this week. Go figure! I have some great recipes ready for you. Hope it makes your week a bit easier! Enjoy!   Lasagna Soup Red Lobster Cheese and Garlic Biscuits Cheesy Ham Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Turkey Bacon […]

Nutella Strawberry Pie +23 more Nutella Recipes

Would you believe me if I told you this Nutella Strawberry Pie was the best things to come out of my kitchen in a very long time? It is. Good gracious, it totally is! My kids and I were swooning over it…eyes rolling back in our heads…speechless over it’s blissful flavor, creamy texture and delightfulness. It is […]

Pork Chili Verde (Crock Pot)

I’ve had Chili Verde on my recipe bucket list for a good long while! I’ve purchased the ingredients several times and then ended up making something else all together, pushing this recipe down the list…far too many times, actually. What a mistake that was! This recipe is wonderful! It’s got layer upon layer of spicy […]

Weekly Menu Plan: Jan 30-Feb 6

Just a couple more days until February, my friends! That is something to smile about, yes? There are bright yellow daffodils in your future, to be sure. It might take us a few more months before we see them, but we will get there. Sunny days are on the horizon…:) I have a great line up again […]

Cherry Pie Sheet Cake

I love a great sheet cake recipe! They are so handy to take a long to a gathering, as they feed a large number of people…and really, who doesn’t love cake, truly. Especially one made from scratch, yes?  I have several recipes in my archives that I love, including this wonderful Almond Butter Sheet Cake, […]

20 Fabulous Game Day Appetizers

IF YOU ARE VIEWING THIS POST ON MY HOME PAGE, PLEASE CLICK THE REFRESH BUTTON AT THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN. There has been a small technical glitch within my site and for some reason many readers are not able to see past this post to the most current recipes. Pushing the refresh button should […]

Weekly Menu Plan: Jan 23-30

January is almost over, can believe it? Time is going by so fast. Hope you are making it through the winter alright! We have been enjoying life here at home, and loving spending time with our oldest boy before he leaves on his mission (only 2 1/2 more weeks!) It’s been so great to have him […]

Sticky Asian Drumsticks

Hold onto your hats, my friends. I have a fantastic, great (fast!) and delicious way for you to get dinner on the table. This recipe is finger licking good, I’m not kidding.  Chicken Drumsticks are browned and then cooked in a sauce that is slightly spicy, a little bit sweet and full of savory goodness. The […]

Candy Flavored Sugar Popcorn

It’s national popcorn day! I wanted to come up with a fun recipe to share with you all today to celebrate. I ended up adapting the Sugar Crunch Popcorn recipe that has been living in my archives for a long time and happens to be a family favorite from way back. I’m talking about decades, […]