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Chocolate Chip Cookie Smore Bars

The winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card is Susanna Williams comment #252. Congratulations to you! I will contact you shortly for your shipping info. Thanks to all those who entered!  A couple of weeks ago I bought the ingredients to make a batch of  S’more Cookies, fully intending to take them along to a […]

How to make a great Classic Grilled Burger

I have been on a quest lately. A quest to make a fantastic, juicy, flavorful grilled burger. Nothing fancy or gourmet…just a great tasting classic burger. So, I set myself to work…looking up information online, checking out books in the library, asking around. I even found myself reading a book called “Tips for Great Grilling” […]

10 Wonderful Summer Reads (2014 Edition) and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED No new recipe today, gang. It’s time to talk books. Hot. Diggity! If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know that every January and June  I publish a post with 10 book suggestions, complete with my review of each one. You can see this year’s […]

Lemon Berry Trifle (Five Ingredients!)

If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to brighten up your next backyard barbecue, church potluck, fourth of July shin dig, ladies lunch or any other celebratory type function…this fabulous trifle is calling your name. Loud and clear. It. Is. Calling You! Don’t heat up your oven. There is no baking required. […]

June Menu Plan 2014

It is totally June, which I imagine you have taken note of and planned accordingly. Let summer time begin! I have my June Menu Plan up front and center for you today, complete with a picture of each recipe. Hope you find something to love! Orange and Vegetable Stir Fry JUNE MENU PLAN PRINT THE […]

Taco Salad (Build Your Own)

Man, I love a good Taco Salad. Fortunately for me, my family loves a good Taco Salad with a passion equal to my own (excepting two little twin boys who groan a bit when Taco Salad is on the menu, dang em. Hoping their taste buds improve soon.) We end up having Taco Salad quite […]

Homemade White Bread (Renewed)

There is something magical about homemade bread, don’t you think? I love the way it rises up. The smell of it baking is utterly fabulous. The taste of a warm slice fresh from the oven with a bit of butter and honey spread on top…well it’s one of my very favorite things to eat, I […]

The Weekend Report: Several Amazing Women

This is my great-grandmother, Pearl Halterman. She raised 11 children (including my Grandma Barb) in a tiny farm-house and fed them all using the wood burning stove you see in the back of the picture. Can you even imagine what that might have been like! She baked 12 loaves of bread every other day in […]

How to make Homemade Strawberry Jam

When spring time hits and strawberries are in abundance my kids start saying things like… “Hey, Mom. When are you going to make the strawberry jam?” and… “Yo, Mama. We have been out of strawberry jam for like 10 million years. Are you going to make some more or what?” and… “Did you make the […]

Crunchy Poppy Seed Coleslaw

A few weeks ago I attended the baptism of my cute nephew, Tom. He was born the same year as MyLittleTwinBoys… and a few other great looking little dudes. Back in 2006, 4 of my sister in laws and I all delivered baby boys within about 7 months of each other. Isn’t that fun! Cute […]

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