Summer Barbeque Recipes

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 Summer is on the horizon, dear reader. Which means outdoor get togethers will be in full swing. It occurred to me, that you might be having at least one BBQ some time between now and Labor Day. You might even have TEN DOZEN BBQs between now and then! You lucky dog, you.
In an effort to keep things organized and user friendly around here, I’ve compiled a large list of recipes perfect for a Summer BBQ. I will continue to add new recipes to this list as I post them through out summer. (And boy, do I have some doozies for you.  Heavenly, scrumptious and delightful. Each one coming your way in future weeks.) 
A link to this list of 50 Summer BBQ Recipes will live under my header for the entire summer. Do you see it listed up there? “Summer BBQ” is what is says. Drop by and click through the list any time you need a recipe or two. 
Hope you find something to love. 🙂