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Plants in the ground!
Plants in the ground!
Feeling pretty cool,
with my Plants in the ground!
Low and behold, Utah has finally had a Sunny Saturday in May.
Praise it all…my vegetable garden has finally been planted.
I always get a little worn out (and sunburned) on the planting day, but once the old girl is in…she is in!
There is just something wonderful about digging a bit in the dirt.
Planting some sort of living thing.
Watching it grow into something bigger and better than it was.
Benefiting from the harvest it will bare…..
It really is an amazing cycle.
I wanted to share a little Tomato Plant Food recipe that my dear Grandmother has passed on to me. I tried it last year and my tomatoes had never been so good!  
I thought you might like to know about it. I wanted to give a little  heads up as well. I have several FABULOUS garden tomato recipes I’m planning on posting towards the end of the summer when my tomatoes are ripe. 
Canned Salsa
Canned Spaghetti Sauce
and Canned Sweet Pepper Relish…
are all on just waiting on deck.
I also wanted to mention the fabulousness of planting onion bulbs. Do you ever find yourself purchasing green onions and then having them go bad on you before you can make your
I sure as goodness do. For the past several years I have been planting onion bulbs. I plant them pretty close together and then use them for green onions. The beauty of it is…
…they don’t turn rotten in the dirt like they do in my fridge….
….if I don’t rush out to pick them, they just keep on a growing….
….they will grow in cool and warm weather……
….they are lovely to look at……
All good reasons to get some planted in the ground. Look for onion BULBS, not the seeds. I planted these about 6 weeks ago and have been using them in salads and other fine things for 2 weeks now. Give it a try!
Here are a few pictures I took today of the spring flowers and plants we have been enjoying in our yard. Keep scrolling down for the Tomato Plant Food Recipe.
Who knew that this lovely Oregano plant would come around for a second year? I was under the impression it was a one year gig. What a beauty! What should we make with it?
Magic Tomato Plant Food please do NOT feed to humans! I bet compost would taste pretty grainy. The little wood chips might get stuck in your teeth and who knows what it might do to your digestive system. I’m just sayin…leave this concoction for the red beauties. 
Yield: will feed about 6 tomato plants
Time: 5 minutes
Recipe from Jerry Baker
3 C compost/mulch/dirt
1/2 C Epsom salt
1 T baking soda
1/2 C powdered milk
1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bucket.
2. Place a handful of the mixture into the hole you are digging for your tomato plant. If you have already planted you can sprinkle a handful of the mixture around the stem of the plant and then water.

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  1. Thank you/Thank you. To those like me who loose things (like my mini collection of Jerry Baker’s Garden Secrets and Recipes, packed away somewhere, in moving boxes, miracles happen. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember his formulas to grow tomatoes. Am 76, we can all learn something, with a little help from a friend. Everyone please have a best day.