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Hello and happy Monday everyone!
I hope you are having a fine summer day.
My family and I returned home last night after
spending 10 days at Bear Lake.
It was wonderful to get away and have a little time to relax.
Wouldn’t you know it…while I was gone a jungle of weeds grew!
This morning I spent a few hours with
some noxious weeds
and some semi-obnoxious children.
It’s the darnedest thing, but these kids of mine would much rather play at the beach than pull weeds.
I know.
Crazzzzzzy stuff.
While we pulled the noxious weeds, these kids of mine could be found saying funny things like…
“I wish it was winter!
 (sniffle, sniffle, tears dropping)” from BlondeEmily.
“I am doing ALL of the work,
these girls are so lazy, Mom!” from TeenSonMark.
and the funniest….
“I am having a positive attitude on the outside, mother.
 Inside my mind I am SOBBING!” from FashionableAnna.
Pretty funny stuff.
Bet you wish you were right a long there with us.
Well come on over. I saved a patch of weeds just for you!
About this time of year, when my tomato plants have blossoms all over them, I like to give them a nice spray with this wonderful Tomato Buster Tonic my grandmother recommends. It doesn’t take too long to put together, and really seems to make a difference. Hope your plants in the ground are well and show promise of a great harvest.
Tomato Buster Tonic
Time: about 15 minutes
Yield: 10-15 tomato plants
Recipe from my Grandma Barbara

1 can beer
1 C household ammonia
1/2 C liquid dish soap
1/2 C liquid lawn food (I sometimes leave this out)
1/2 C corn syrup


1. Mix together and pour into a hose end sprayer.
2. Spray your tomato plants gently with the water/tomato buster mixture.
I was pleased to find some things in my garden that definitely were not there when I left 10 days ago.


Oh, we are going to make some tasty dishes out of this baby….
Sweet raspberries, where have you been all my life?
It’s worth pulling the noxious weeds,
just so that lovely things like this can grow in stead.
Now, as for the yellowish dry patches in my grass.
No one come and take any pictures of those!
And….if you drive by my house this week,
before I have a chance to green the dry patches up,
still try and love me….okay?

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  1. Your photos are great! Makes me wish that I had planted my garden, and now it is too late. Idaho is chillier than Utah.

  2. Ah, one of those recipes that you hope none of your neighbors see you when you are buying beer!

    By the way, over the weekend I had a horrible summer cold and decided to make your egg drop soup. IT WAS FABULOUS! Total comfort food and was a hit with the whole family.