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Good morning, and boy do I have a cute story for you all today!
I’d like you to meet my sister Alli and her family.
Don’t they look like a nice bunch of folks?
Well, I’ll tell you something.
They are!

Last week Alli was feeling
a little 
The cause of the frustration?
A little ol’ tooth. You know the kind.
The kind that are stubborn. 
The kind that need to be pulled right out of their home 
so that big grown up teeth can fill the space.

      The kind of teeth that live right here in this pretty little mouth!

                              Well, this pretty little mouth kept 
                                saying things to her mother like…..

Please don’t pull it out.
It hurts too bad, Mom!
Don’t make me do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would rather clean the toilets for 10 years than pull out this tooth!!
(okay, I made that last one up. Couldn’t help it.)

 Alli had heard these dramatic statements one too many times….
Did she get angry?
Heavens no.
Did she curse?
What kind of mother would curse! Certainly not me!
Did she get out a string and tie one end to the tooth and the other end to the back door?
The girl is much more clever than that!
She simply said….
“You know dear. I just heard that the tooth fairy is running a special. All kids that leave a tooth under their pillow tonight will receive FIVE DOLLARS instead of the usual one dollar. 
But there is a trick. 
The special is for one night only.”
“Hmmmmmm……” said the pretty mouth with the loose tooth.
And then the pretty mouth and the girl bounded off
the situation.

After a whole 15 seconds of consideration 
the pretty mouth 

“Hey Mom! I pulled out my tooth!!!”
“Really!” said the wise mother. 
“Who would have guessed!”
Loose Tooth Delight
Yield: 1 pulled tooth + a funny story to share
Time: 30 seconds
Recipe from Alli Mothers It Up!
1 mother
1 child with a loose tooth
1 clever proposition
Happy Halloween everyone!
I love ya.
Be safe.
Have fun.
See you back here next week!

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  1. Cute story, My daughter is the opposite. As soon as she feels a loose tooth she works at it and trys to get it out as soon as possible.

  2. You got a giggle out of me! That's a very clever mom teaching her daughter the value of a “one day only special”. My daughter lost 2 teeth this week due to a falling accident…the tooth fairy felt so bad for her that she got $2 for the one she pulled herself and $3 for the one the dentist pulled out. Kids are so special and way smarter beyond their years! Have a Happy Halloween Jamie.

  3. just found your blog via another blog. I have added you to my list!!!! I will be back often!!!! I have already printed a bunch of recipes!!! I am always looking for new ideas! Thank you!

  4. This summer my 12 year old son had several teeth that were not falling out on their own and we were going to have to return to the dentist for some teeth pulling (expensive!)so we told him he had 1 day to pull them out… was months of 'no way I can pull these out!' So we added that he would get $20 for each tooth. Now for us the going rate for a tooth is $1 and we were sure he wouldn't do it…. As soon as the offer was our of his parents mouth, he pulled out 3 teeth within the next 30 minutes!!!! The amazing power of money!!!