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Merry Christmas everyone!
The very day is right upon us. I hope you are enjoying the season and haven’t had too many heart/panic attacks.
Yes, I mean it.
The holiday season can be a real mix of wonderful 
and strait up exhaustion, can’t it!
Sure hope you have had a large dose of wonderful…
and a very small dose of exhaustion.

The fine lookin’ ladies you see in the picture above are non other than my mother, my sisters, and myself. Every December we gather together to make a whole bunch of holiday goodies. I look forward to it all year! Love these ladies…love great goodies!
We always plan on making
Dipped Oreos, Fudge, Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Toffee, Gourmet White Chocolate Popcorn….
and some fabulous Candy Coated Corn Pop Thingies my Mom makes that are to DIE FOR. 
Why I haven’t shared the recipe with you, I do not know. Catch me back here next year…
Any way you get the point.
We make a ton of stuff.
Because we haven’t had enough sugar 
during the month, or anything like that. 

This year, each of us showed up at my Moms with kids in tow and laundry baskets full of ingredients.
We were ready to conquer the project.
Because we hadn’t conquered enough projects during December, 
or anything like that.
We started off strong.
Oreos Dipped and two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies….done. Before lunch.
Looking sharp.

Then we fed the masses.
Then we fed ourselves.

Then we drank a lot of this….
And laughed our faces off.
And chuckled at each others stories.
And chortled at funny things our kids have done.
And laughed our faces off some more.
And sat around my Moms kitchen table…
not stirring, or cooking, or baking or dipping.
This is how we spent the rest of the afternoon.
Just laughing and talking and enjoying being together.
Because we hadn’t seen each other for a while.
And because just being together
the sweetest 

Bring on that kind of sugar,
any day of the week.
Hope you have some lined up for yourself in the next few days!

Happy Holidays to you all!
Have a wonderful time, and I’ll see you back here next week with some great appetizers for your New Years celebration.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Tye Mom,
    What a small world, indeed! So glad the recipes have been turning out well for your family! Have a great day!