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I don’t know if I have mentioned it before…
but I have a pretty cool Dad. 
He likes cool cars and cool music…. and when I was little I always liked to ride in his car with him because the music
he chose was so   
and all.
He loves anything Cherry Chocolate and has a big friendly smile for everyone he meets. A smile….and maybe a quirky joke or two. 
Once upon a time, Dad asked my Homecoming Date…
“Hey, you want me to get you the stapler so you can staple that flower Jamie got you to your head? Ah HA!!!! 
Hardy Har Har!!!!”
It was my very first date.
 Cool part was….my poor date was shaking in his boots he was so nervous! I’m sure Dad was just trying to ease the mood. 🙂
This past Friday happened to me my birthday. Dad showed up on my doorstep with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and an offer to take me to Iceberg for a shake.
I almost stapled one of  the pretty flowers to his forehead…just for old times sake!
He’s a pretty darn nice Dad
Pretty nice…..and pretty cool.
Cherry Chocolate Cake
Time: 15 minutes hands on + 40 minutes baking + time to cool
Yield: 12 large servings
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!
1 Devils Food Cake Mix
1  small box instant chocolate pudding
1/3 C flour
1 1/2 C water
1/2 C oil
4 eggs
1 t almond extract
1  can sweetened condensed milk
1  can cherry pie filling
1 12 oz container of Cool Whip
1 C chocolate chips
1 C sliced almonds, toasted
1. Put your cake mix, pudding and flour into your stand mixer or large mixing bowl.
Stir it around a bit to incorporate. 
2. Crack those eggs and add them to the bowl.
3. Pour in the water….
….and the oil….
…and the almond extract. 
4. Beat the mixture on low for about 1 minute. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl to be sure all the dry ingredients are getting incorporated well. Beat on medium speed for 3-4 minutes or until the batter is glossy and smooth. 
5. Spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray and pour the batter on in. 
Spread it around with a knife to make it even along the top. 
6. Bake at 350 for approximately 35-40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean. 
7. Immediately after the cake is removed from the oven poke holes all over it with the end of a wooden spoon. 
8. Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk all over the top of the cake, being sure to fill in the holes. Let the cake cool to room temperature. 
9. While the cake cools down toss your almonds into a medium sized skillet. Toast them over medium heat, stirring frequently until golden brown. Set them aside to cool.
10. Once the cake has cooled spread the cherries on top.
11. Spread the cool whip over the cherries and sprinkle with the chocolate chips and almonds. 

12. Cover and chill for at least an hour before serving.


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    1. Mari,
      It’s really easy. Spray the bottom and sides of a 9×13 cake pan, pour two cans of cherry pie filling in the bottom of pan. Mix a chocolate cake mix according to package directions. Pour batter over the pie filling and bake as directed. I sometimes have to go maybe 5-10 min longer to get center done, just check using a toothpick. Let cool in pan. If Im going to take some where I will line a cookie sheet with foil then turn cake pan upside down over it and let it sit for a bit for all the cherrys and syrup settle and carefully lift off. Put if we are having at home I just leave it in pan and when I slice a square it will scoop out easily with a spatula and then just flip square onto plate. Add vanilla ice cream or cool whip.

  1. I had a pretty cool Dad, too. He had a great sense of humor, and loved to kid anyone whom either me and my brothers brought home for dinner. He would tease them mercilessly, and it was a wonder that any of them came back to our house again 🙂 🙂 🙂 Your recipe for the Cherry Chocolate Cake looks likes a match made in heaven, and I’m looking forward to trying it.