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Hey there, you summer lovin’ readers. 
I hope this sunny Monday is treating you well!
Before we get on with this tutorial post…I have a little recipe correction for you. My original posting of the recipe
had a couple of errors in it. 
The flour measurement was off, and there was a little discrepancy regarding baking powder and baking soda. 
The recipe has been fixed and is correct now. If you printed the recipe off the first couple of days after it was posted….
you will need to reprint
So sorry about the mistake!
I am just one regular old gal running this blog.
I try my best to edit, and re-edit, and check and double check each recipe post before it goes live but sometimes 
an error or two slips through. 
Thanks so much to those of you who brought it to my attention.
If you have tried this recipe and it has failed, my apologies.
Please try and refrain from using swear words in my behalf.
I really hate swear words. 
On to today’s post…..
A Watermelon Cutting Tutorial is what I have for you.
In case you love Watermelon 
and in case you want to buy one that’s juicy and sweet 
and in case you want to cut it into beautiful and somewhat symmetrical chunks. 
I have just the method you need. 
Right here. 
On the spot. 
If you like your melon cut quickly into wedges, I have some instructions to help you out as well. 
Let’s cut some melon, shall we?


When choosing a melon to purchase, I like to knock on several melons. No, not to see if anyone is home. To see which melon has the  lowest most hollow sound. I’ve found those to be the most juicy and sweet.

Get the melon into the sink and rinse it all over. You don’t want any dirt accompanying your perfect bite of melon. 

Use a long sharp knife and a large sturdy cutting board. I love a good wooden cutting board, however they do soak up the flavor of particular vegetables such as onions and pepper. To avoid onion flavored watermelon, I mark one side of the cutting board with a small black dot and only use that side for cutting onions and peppers. 

Slice both sides of the melon off. 

Stand the melon up on it’s side and cut the rind off from the top to the bottom. 
Keep working your way around the melon, cutting the rind off in long chunks. Try and get as much of the white portion off as you can. 

When all of the rind has been removed from the melon, lay it long side down on the cutting board. 

Starting at one of the short ends cut the melon into 2 inch slabs.

Take one slab at a time
and cut your pretty melon into chunks. 


Slice that baby right down the center from short end to short end.

Take each half and cut it into 2 inch slabs.

Cut each slab into triangles. 
Now…if you are in a hurry and want you melon cut into chunks but don’t want to take the time to daintily remove all of the rind then do this…..

Cut your melon in half down the middle from short end to short end. Prop the melon up, red side down. 
Cut it into long strips about 3 inches wide. 

Lay each strip on its side and cut the melon along the edges of the rind first.Then slice it into chunks. 
It’s harder to get uniform chunks with this method, but it’s much faster than the removing all of the rind at once. 
Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. I have never heard of “peeling” a watermelon. It does make sense though. We just usually cut it in wedges and eat it right down to the rind.

  2. Interesting. I've never peeled a watermelon. I'll have to give it a try. Do you have a tutorial for pineapple? I hate cutting those things!

  3. What a GREAT post!! I HATE cutting up watermelon but after seeing this I'm inspired 🙂 In reference to Michelle's comment prior the BEST tool for cutting/coring a pineapple is the Pineapple Corer $7.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (plus you can save 20% off with your coupon!)

  4. Just a tip that I've read this summer and it works beautifully. When cutting watermelon (or cantaloupe for that matter)put your cutting board inside a cookie sheet (that's what I call them…the ones with sides?) Catches all the sticky juice that tends to run all over the counter and onto the floor. Thank you for showing how to cut up watermelon…we usually just chunk it up any which way…this is so much prettier. LOL