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I went to a baby shower the other day for a sweet friend. The hostess of the party had a great dry erase board sitting next to her kitchen sink.

DIY What's for Dinner Dry Erase Board

It looked kind of like this. She told me how much she loved it, how it helped her stay organized and best of all…it kept her kids well-informed of the dinner plan. I loved the idea of these cute little boards, and so I came home and made a few to give away as Mothers Day Gifts. (Thanks for the great idea, Colette!)

Seeing as this is a blog about food and dinner I thought some of you might enjoy knowing how to put one together as well. So, I’m going to show you just how to do it. And there you have it. Here’s what you will need!


8.5 x 11 scrap book paper of your choice
8 x 10 picture frame with glass
Handy Printable found HERE
Dry Erase Marker


1. Find yourself some cute scrap book paper.
2. Pop it into your printer and print out the lettering.

3. Grab your picture frame and carefully take the glass out of it. Clean it with a bit of glass cleaner to be sure it free from smudges and lint.


4. Place the glass over the top of your paper.


Place it evenly around the text, take a pencil and lightly trace the glass.


Follow the pencil lines and trim the paper. If you try to put it into the frame without trimming these edges off it will be too big. The glass works as a perfect pattern.


5. Place the glass back into the frame and add the cute scrap book paper. Place the backing into the frame and make sure it’s secure.


6. Grab a handy dry erase marker (make sure it’s not a permanent marker!) and make your magic happen. What do you want to have for dinner…


Me too. 🙂 How about…


I really want that as well.


Hopefully my family will like what I wrote on this weeks menu. If not…I hope they will just smile and try to enjoy life anyway. 🙂 Which I suppose is a good life lesson after all, right! Today MyLittleTwinBoyNate informed all of his siblings to be ware…”we are having NOTHING for dinner on Saturday.” He was very concerned! I told him I would still feed him, even if it was just a Peanut Butter Sandwich…I just wasn’t planning on making a big dinner.  He was very relieved, as you can well imagine.


These little boards make a great gift for Moms, Sisters, Teachers and Friends. Here are a couple more ideas for DIY Mothers Day/Teacher Appreciation/Sister Of Wonder Day. 🙂

Tiered Serving Platter

Tiered Serving Platter  easy, and super cheap to make.

Mothers Day Cookbook

Mothers Day Cookbook  This is a great gift for teachers to help kids make.

Conversation CupcakesConversation Cupcakes
These are fun to make and take to a party. Leave the paper topper blank and let everyone at the party write a quality they love in their mom or teacher.

Fruit Tart CookiesFruit Tart Cookies
I could eat one of these every day for the rest of my life and be a happy woman. They make a great gift!

Cinnamon Bear PopcornCinnamon Bear Popcorn…never met a person who didn’t love this stuff.

Pretty Oreo Bon Bons

Pretty Oreo Bon Bons…could someone make some of these for me, please.

For more Mothers Day Ideas click here.


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  1. Holy crap, you WRITE ON THE GLASS? This is the single most geniusy thing I have seen so far today. I’ve been thinking about getting a dry erase board for our kitchen since my husb and I leave each other little notes on scraps of paper all the time, but they’re kind of…ugly. A picture frame with a cute background would be fifty times better! I never would have thought of this on my own. Thank you, thank you! I’m adding dry erase markers to my Wal Mart list immediately!

  2. This is the most fun page I have seen in quite awhile! I love/want to do all the ideas. A dozen thank-yous once again!

  3. Your dry erase menu board is a fantastic idea. I have a daughter and a daughter in law that would love one. To the craft store I shall go. By he way we are having your 4 ingredient meatballs for supper. They are delicious!