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It is February! Sounds nice doesn’t it. We are inching our way toward spring, and that just makes me happy. Not that I would complain about the crusty, icy snow that refuses to leave my front yard…or anything like that. I may however, in a weak moment, express a great dislike for the freezing temperatures and smoggy skies thick with polluted inversion. Those are two of winters features that I haven’t ever been able to love. Go figure. The beautiful colors of spring beat out hazy gray pollution any day of the week.

Or year.

Decade, or century. And that is the gospel truth. 🙂 I am looking forward to Spring taking over.

I have my monthly menu plan for you today. I’m excited to show you a new feature I included in the plan this month. There are pictures, baby. A lot of pictures! I do believe you will see a picture of all but two or three recipes included in this months plan.  Woo Hoo! Everyone likes a visual, don’t they. At least I am hoping that you like it, and that it will help you navigate through another month of keeping your families well fed.

Hope you find something to love!


REsized Feb Week 1

1. BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad
2. Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich with Onions and Peppers
3. Chicken Chow Mein with Brown Rice
4. Chicken Gnocchi Soup with 5. Olive Garden Breadsticks
6. Pork Chops with Caramelized Apples and Onions (Crock Pot) and 7.  Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Crock Pot)

Resized February Week 2

1. Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (Crock Pot) with Green Salad
2. Mini Turkey Loaves with Sweet and Savory Red Sauce and 3. Cheesy Au’Gratin Potatoes
4. Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with 5. Fabulous French Bread
6. Puffy Taco Casserole with 7. Cheesy Spanish Rice Chips and Salsa
8. Stuffing Chicken (Crock Pot) with Corn and Green Salad

Resized February Week 3

1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries and 2. Sloppy Joes
3. Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas
4. Butter Cream Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
5. Porcupine Meatballs and 6. Crumb Potatoes
7. Loaded Baked Potato Soup with 8. Whole Wheat Bread

Resized February Week 4

1. Cheesy Sausage and Tomato Shells with Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread
2. Three Bean Chili  with 3. Red Lobster Cheese and Garlic Biscuits
4. Bavarian Pot Roast of Wonder, Mashed Potatoes and Corn
5. Chicken and Artichoke French Bread Pizza and 6. Classic Caesar Salad
7. Ground Beef Enchilada Casserole with Cilantro Lime Rice

gawker whiteChocolate Cutout Cookies with Glaze Icing


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  1. I love the pictures! I am much more likely to read through a menu plan or a recipe roundup with pictures than one without. Just my two cents worth. Thank you :-)!