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Have you ever had Caprese Salad? Fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese drizzled with a balsamic glaze. If the tomatoes are sweet and juicy, this little salad can be down right delightful. These appetizers are a fun bite sized version of Caprese Salad and baby, are they fantastic. Fresh tasting and healthy!


And they look so pretty, too. That vibrant color is fabulous, isn’t it!  My local Walmart has started carrying little basil plants right in the produce section which makes me ever so happy. Fresh basil year round. 🙂

Caprese Salad Skewers would make a great addition to any holiday party. Hope you give them a try, gang!

Caprese Salad Skewers from Jamie Cooks It Up!

Caprese Salad Skewers

Time: 20 minutes
Yield: about 30 skewers
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!

16 ounces grape or cherry tomatoes (approximately)
5  ounces fresh mozzarella
fresh basil
salt and pepper
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

1. Grab some grape or cherry tomatoes. I love these Nature Sweet Cherubs in both red and yellow. The colors are so vibrant and lovely. 🙂


Did I lie? Not only do they look good, but are always super sweet and juicy. (Even in December…go figure!)


2. You’ll want to use fresh mozzarella. It can be found along side the other cheeses at your local grocery store.


It comes packed in a little bit of liquid, so be careful when opening the package. This particular brand also happens to be pre-sliced which is nice.


Remove about 1/3 of the package and cut the slices into small chunks.


3. Fresh basil is also a must for these little skewers. They carry  fresh basil plants at my local Walmart in the produce section. The plants are more economical than buying the small packages and if you set them in a sunny spot in your kitchen the stems should continue to grow and produce more leaves. And it’s just so darn pretty to look at. 🙂


4. Grab a toothpick or skewer…

and pierce a tomato, a piece of basil leaf, a chunk of mozzarella and another tomato. Now, if you only want to use only one tomato per toothpick, please feel free. This recipe is pretty loose. Change it at your whim.


Lay the skewers on a pretty platter. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Just before you are ready to serve sprinkle the skewers with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Taste one of the skewers and adjust the seasonings to your liking.

Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Skewers (Caprise Bites)

Serve and enjoy!


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  1. When I studied biochemistry at university, I learned that the darker and richer color of a tomato, the more lycopene in it, so it’s maximum in dark-brown, less in yellow and orange tomatoes. Thanks for the post!

  2. Caprese salad skewers are a delicious, easy appetizer. These salads on a stick are made by threading mozzarella balls onto bamboo skewers, then adding basil leaves folded in half and drizzled with balsamic glaze. Make a batch of the kebabs up to 24 hours in advance, and serve chilled. For a festive take on caprese salad, try making them in a ramekin.
    Billyroberts writer on website.