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Hello to you all today. I’m excited to announce that things look a little different around here. Hooray! This little blog of mine has been long over due for a redesign. I have been hoping for years to make it look cleaner, highlight more recipes on the home page and make it more user friendly for you all. I’m entering into my 13th year of food blogging, my friends and what a ride it has been! I cannot thank you all enough for your years of support! Thank you for coming here, reading my words and trying these recipes in your homes.

Let me take you on a small tour of the redesign, so you know what to expect and how to navigate things…

The HOME SCREEN both on desktop and mobile views has this great slider element that will highlight three different recipes per slide. Just click or slide left or right and three more fabulous recipes will appear. Click on the title of the recipe to go to that particular one. I’ll be switching these recipes out frequently, so be sure to come on back and have another look soon!

Take notice that the search bar is at the top right of the screen.

Immediately after the slider you’ll see a list of favorite posts from my archives, followed by the two most recent posts.

To access the most recent WEEKLY MENU PLAN, simply allow your mouse to hover over the MENU tab at the top of the screen…

…and the 5 latest MENU PLANS will drop down. So handy! On your mobile device, simply tap on the four lines in the upper left corner.

The new and improved RECIPE FILE is wonderful and one I hope you will find super useful. On desktop views, to access the RECIPE FILE allow your mouse to hover over the RECIPE tab at at the top of the screen…

…and this amazing drop down menu will appear.

Click on the category on the left side and it will take you to that particular grouping.

To access the RECIPE FILE on your mobile device click the three bars at the left of the screen…

Click the small down arrow next to RECIPES and the file will appear for you.

Another great feature and one of my favorites…

…is this fabulous GOODREADS plugin I have along my sidebar (on desktop views) and at the bottom of the blog (on mobile views). I know many of you come here for BOOK RECOMENDATIONS and now they are a bit more accessible than before. If you click on any of the book images it will take you to my GOODREADS account where you can see my rating and review of that particular book. You can still access a comprehensive list of my BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS within the blog as well by clicking HERE.

That’s it! Hope it works out well for you all! My love to all of you.

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