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I saw this picture yesterday on Facebook and thought it beautifully simple and profound. What Mr. Rogers has to say is plain truth. Amid tragedy, and terrible circumstances there are always good, kind people there to pick up the pieces…lending a helping hand and providing a stable shoulder to cry on. It is amazing to watch, isn’t it? There are definitely still so many “helpers”.

In light of the Boston Marathon Bombing, I felt it best to save the recipe I had prepared for today’s post and share a little something else instead.

Let It Go by Chris Williams

This is a book I read last week.

“Let It Go” is about a man (Chris Williams) who lives here  in my city. Seven years ago his pregnant wife and two children were killed in a car accident by a drunk teenage driver. From the very night of the accident he chose to forgive the boy who was responsible for taking the life of his family members. I have been fascinated by this story from the time I heard reports of it here in the local news. How could any human being have the strength to forgive so quickly, and freely! It was a surprise to me, as I would imagine it to be to most people.

In the book Chris gives detailed explanation. He testifies of Christ and the blessings of forgiveness. While his road has not been easy, his choice to forgive has made the challenges of loss much easier to bear. Instead of embracing anger, hate or revenge he let go of those natural feelings and has taken hold of love, kindness…forgiveness.

I mention (and recommend) this book to you all today simply because, the world can be such a terrible place. There are plenty of  reasons to be angry.  Seeing innocent people become victim to senseless terrorism is so frustrating!  Most of us shake our heads with the words “why” rolling over and over in our minds. I haven’t ever been able to come up with a sufficient answer to that question. Have you? I don’t know why these things happen. What I do know is, I want to be one of the “helpers”.  I want to choose love and kindness. I hope to follow Chris Williams example of  charity.

You can watch a video on the Mormon Channel called “My Burden Was Made Light” about Chris and his family. Click here, or on the picture above to see it.

I would love to give a copy of “Let It Go” to two of you dear readers. To enter just leave me a comment below telling me something good! It can be an act of kindness you have witnessed. It can be something sweet your child did or said. It can be something good you would like to do for someone else. What ever you choose. 🙂 The giveaway will be open through Sunday night (April 21st). Winner will be announced Monday morning (April 22).

My family and I are praying for those of you effected by the terrible Boston Marathon Bombing. May you feel the love of God supporting you during this difficult time.

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