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“Hey good lookin’.
What YOU got cookin’?”
What am I cookin’?

Well this past August I was cookin’ a lot of cake, I can tell you that. Many of you know that 3 of my children share the same birthday. Yes. I said 3 of my kids, all born on the same day. I really did try to avoid it! But mother nature will do as she chooses, you know.

As tradition has it around here I let each of my kids choose what kind of cake they would like for their birthday. I figure, if you have to share the actual day three times over…you should get to feel special with your own special cake. Sure would be special if my energy level could keep up with this plan. I really like to make cakes and all… but three on the same day is wearing this old girl out.

The extremely mature and wise FashionableAnna opted for a  Toffee Cheesecake we made and celebrated with the week before the actual Triple Birthday Combo. Hallelujah.

LittleTwinBoy Nate chose a Spiderman Cake.
LittleTwinBoy Aaron chose Toy Story.

“Hmmmm. Okie-dokie. Let’s just see if we can make that happen.” I thought. 

Then a wonderful thing transpired! Right that very day my boys and I were at Walmart and what did my eyes behold! Wilton. Fabulous Wilton had come out with a whole new line of Cake and Cupcake decorating treasures! Cupcake holders, edible stickers, cake platters, sprinkles….all theme designed.

Themes like SPIDER MAN and TOY STORY. I am not even telling a lie. They were both there right before me! I showed the fun little cupcake holders to my boys. 

They loved them. 

We bought them.

I breathed a sigh of relief and patted myself on the back. These are going to be the easiest birthday cupcakes EVER. Hallelujah.

So. I made the cupcakes. Pretty cute, I thought.

“Gather round everyone! Here are the Spiderman and ToyStory Cupcakes!!!!! Wootie Woo!” I said.

 “Cool Mom! Thanks Mom, those look yummy! and Nice Job Mom!” were some of the comments, from some of the children.
“TOY STORY!! So cool, Mom. Thanks!!!!” 
From LittleTwinBoy Aaron.
And then…
These very words came out of 
4 year old mouth….
“Where is my big fancy cake, Mom?”
Uh oh. 
“I can’t even blow any fire off of this little thing….”
Oh, dear.

Should have stuck with the tradition. Isn’t that the whole point of a “tradition”…to keep DOING IT? Now I’m not one to spoil, or overindulge. But just look at that face! What is a mother to do….

Maybe a little bit of this….
And a little bit of that…..just to redeem myself!
I’ve actually been saving this Easy Spiderman Cake to post in October. It would be fun to change the red frosting to purple, or orange and use it for a Halloween Web Cake. You could even put those little plastic spider rings all over it. Fun! 

Enough with the Birthday Story. Let’s get to it….

Also, I have published a post all about Buttercream Frosting just below this one, if you are looking for some tips. Scroll on down, or click here if you have an interest in that sort of thing. 

Easy Spiderman Cake or Halloween Web Cake
Time: 90 minutes
Yield: 12 servings
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!
1 Devils Food Cake mix + ingredients to make the cake
Black and Red Wilton Icing Colors
1 Spiderman on a motorcycle
1. Spray a 2 quart glass bowl or glass measuring cup with cooking spray. This Pampered Chef measuring cup worked really well. It has an 8 cup capacity.
2. Mix your cake up, according to the package directions. Pour the batter into the bowl and bake for approximately 40 minutes. Just check the inside with a toothpick to be sure it’s done before you take it out.
3. Invert your cake onto a wire rack and let it cool completely.
4. Make up a batch of Buttercream Frosting. Put about 2/3 C in the frosting into a bowl and add about 2 t black food gel. Don’t skimp here. It takes a lot to make it really black, and not just a dark gray. Put the black frosting into a Ziploc bag and snip the end of it.
5. Put 1 T of red food coloring gel in the remainder of the frosting. Stir it around to incorporate well. The red will darken after a few minutes. So don’t be too worried if it’s not the color you want at first. After 10 minutes, if it’s not as red as you would like, add more gel.
6. Add a dollop of red frosting to your cake platter. This will help the cake to stick.
7. Put the cake, large side down on the platter. Cover it with the red frosting. 
8. Take a toothpick and measure out where you want your web lines to go. 
8. Pipe the black frosting along the lines you drew with your toothpick. Then pipe some scallops to form the web, being sure the scallops meet at the lines.
9. Make a black road for Mr. Spiderman.
10. Stick Mr. Spiderdriver on the road.


Here’s to a boy with a lot of smiles……Hallelujah.
And what about his good natured brother…?
The boy who requested a Toy Story Cake?
We wouldn’t want to punish him for his good nature, 
now would we?
Stay tuned for a little “Buzz Light Year To The Rescue!”

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  1. Oh you are in inspiration! I have twins myself (boy/girl) who are turning 5 in a few weeks. Their requests for cake are different of course and I wasn't sure I wanted to pay for 2 cakes, let alone make 2 cakes that my kids would actually consider edible. I think the Spiderman cake will work perfectly!

  2. Tomorrow is my son's 6th birthday and we're having a “spider” theme party and I STILL hadn't figured out what I was going to do for his cake until I saw your blog! Thank you so much! I can do that! 🙂

  3. Too cute! Did you know that at the bakery, you can purchase the plastic cake decorations separately? I did that for my son's Aladin cake one year.

  4. Love this! Your boys are sooo adorable. And I could never have resisted that sweet, sad face either! – Carrie

  5. I heard about your blog through Tina @ Mommy's Kitchen 😉 I love it! And I LOVE that cake too 🙂 I have a 4 year old and a 2 and 1/2 year old and their birthdays are only 3 months apart….so I'm always looking for cake ideas. This is great 🙂

  6. You have made it really simple with very smart hacks i must say. it could make so many birthdays. my son loved this cake. cupcakes can be also a great idea . Thank you for sharing this jamie.