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I would like to reveal something to you, on this fine November Day.
I have a voice like a man. 
I also have big eyes that seem to bug out of my head on occasion. 
While you consider these revelations, I would like to invite you to view a  video my girls and I put together. (sponsored by Pop-Tarts)
If you choose to view this very short 2 minute video…please don’t be surprised by the Big Eyed Brunette packing a He-Voice. 
That girl would be me. 
If you choose to click over to my Review Blog, to watch the He-Voice in action you will also see that there is a Second Opportunity to enter to win the $100 Visa Gift Card.
Keep scrolling down here folks……

Don’t leave me at hello…..

Now, do you see those fine looking ladies pictured above?
They are in the middle of wrapping no less than
Seven Bajillion Trillion Homemade Caramels. 
What would cause them to engage in this kind of behavior?

A darling little girl named Lizzie Hammer
…of course!

Each year my dear friend Cindi spearheads a Neighborhood Bake Sale. She and I, along with many friends spend hours and hours baking up all kind of tasty baked goods. This year the money we earn will be going to a wonderful family that lives just down the street from me. Lizzie Hammer is their daughter.

She is beautiful 9 year old young lady who was diagnosed with Leukemia this past summer. She is a dear friend to my daughter BlondeEmily. We love her and her family. We have watched them suffer through very difficult times this year. Lizzie has two amazing parents, 3 siblings and a new baby bother scheduled to arrive this February.
If you live in my neck of the woods….
which is the south end of the Salt Lake Valley,
and would like to come by 
and buy 
some yummy baked goods 
in an effort to help this wonderful family out….
please do!
I would love to see you there.

Lizzie’s Bake Sale will be held on

Spring Heather Circle in Herriman, Utah.

(Zip Code 84096, if you are a mapquest kind of person)

If you live in Canada and just don’t see a plane ride to Salt Lake City in your near future, heck. I can’t blame you!
If you would like to make a monetary donation to Lizzie and her family there is an account set up in her  full name which is 

Elizabeth Hammer
Zions Bank.

All money donated will be put towards medical bills.

Just a few pictures to show you what we have been
up to this week in preparation.

It takes a lot of work to make…….


……….yummy things in bulk.

However, many hands make light work!

Four Kitchen Aid mixers in one spot can also put a considerable
dent in the work as well.It also helps when the “many hands” come in the form of dear friends. Any time spent with these dear women…
is time well spent in my book.

Did you know that 
Five sets of baking hands, 4 Kitchen Aid Mixers, and Four Hours can turn into…..

22 Pumpkin Rolls
I didn’t know it either!
Not until yesterday that is.
All 22 Pumpkin Rolls will be up for grabs on Saturday.

For Lizzie’s Bake Sale I’ll be making 
Very Chocolate Cake, and 
I’ll also be baking up some loaves of
 There will of course be many, many other great baked goods to purchase. Homemade Caramels…..Gingerbread Cookies…..
Gourmet Cupcakes…..
All donated by the guys and gals living here in my neighborhood.  They sound like pretty nice folks, don’t they.
Hope to see you there!
Unless you live in Canada…..
then I suppose you are off the hook!

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Thanks for dropping by today! I hope you find these recipes to be delicious!

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  1. That's fabulous how your neighborhood has pulled together to help this wonderful little gal! We have a Zion's Bank in my neck of the woods, so I'll be adding my donation (and enjoying your yummy baked goods in my mind…much kinder on the hips).

  2. I think that is amazing what you guys are doing. I love that the kids are so into it!!
    On a side-note, just curious what kind of camera and lens do you use to take all your pictures?

  3. i would have helped to roll carmels!! i just got scared of pumpkin rolls!!! i will be there to make some purchases!!!!

  4. You and your neighbors are very kind and my heart and prayers go to that sweet little girl and her family. I have been exactly there, pregnant and all during our son's time with cancer. Very stressful, but your bake sale I'm sure will make them feel so loved and thought of. Kudos to all you sweet people.

  5. What if you live in Arizona?? 🙂 Everything looks delicious! I will take one of each please. Do you ship? I sure miss Herriman and being around all of you and feeling of your wonderfulness. Good luck with the bake sale, I know it will be a huge success!

  6. What if you live in Arizona?? 🙂 Everything looks delicious! I will take one of each please. Do you ship? I sure miss Herriman and being around all of you and feeling of your wonderfulness. Good luck with the bake sale, I know it will be a huge success!

  7. i love baking and with that many friends together… sounds delightful. I love all your pampered chef items i saw on your table. If i would not live on the east coast i sure would have loved to stop by. I love all your recipes an your blog.

  8. Sorry I didn't get there sooner! I missed out on the pumpkin rolls, carmels and bread…oooh and carmel apples too, dang it! 🙁 However, everything else was pure heaven! I have just about eaten myself into a sugar coma today. Thanks for the invite Jamie! You're the best! Don't forget to post the recipe for those yummy pumpkin cupcakes! I have a stash in my freezer, thanks for the tip on that!