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 Is my friend Cindi.
Isn’t she a pretty little lady? 
She bakes a mean sweet treat, in many forms. 
She’s also EXTREMELY kind hearted. 
She is the gal who organized
Lizzie’s Bake Sale 
that was held this past Saturday.
Lizzie is our sweet 9 year old neighbor, who was diagnosed with Leukemia this past summer.
Cindi and I…along with many of our neighbors and friends put in a lot of hours this past week baking up all kinds of sweet treats for the Bake Sale.

Very Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge….
were among the many sweet treats offered up.
Dark and early on Saturday morning I was baking up a grundle of Fabulous French Bread
And wouldn’t you know it!
It was raining cats and dogs outside.
Pouring, seriously.
The bake sale was slated to be outside in Cindi’s front yard. 
Bummer, I thought!
Soggy-Wet Sweet Rolls most likely won’t sale very well.

But then the rain stopped.
It got all calm, and mild, and wonderful.
We set up outside….
And then….

….the people came.
Lovely people, carrying a lot of kindness in their hearts.
Some of those people were you fine readers.
It was so very nice to meet you!
Thank you, thank you for coming, 
and supporting this cause.
It was so very good of you. 
 (FashionAnna and LittleTwinBoyNate)
The weather held for the first couple of hours, 
and we sold a lot of goods!

After that the wind really kicked up, and we moved the remaining sweet treats up and in to Cindi’s garage.
People kept on coming….!
 We kept dishing out the sweets.
 It was a wonderful success and we 
were able to bring in a grand total of
$2,300! for Lizzie and her family.
That is just amazing to me.
Truly amazing.
Thanks to all of you who baked your little hearts out.
Thanks to those of you who came, and supported this event with your hard earned money. 
Bless you, bless you.
What a wonderful and very heart warming day.
 It was a beautiful thing to witness.

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  1. My charity bake sale might get rained out this Saturday, what do you recommend I do if it does start raining? I don’t have a garage.