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Post Disclaimer: Yes, this is another story. Please do not read further if you hate funny stories and only want to read about food. New recipe coming up tomorrow, just for you. June Menu Plan found HERE.

A few days ago my LittleTwinBoys and I were on our Weekly Grocery Shopping Excursion Extraordinaire. 
Shopping with two 4 year old boys is more tolerable if you call it “Excursion Extraordinaire” in your mind.

Once we had our loot loaded into the car and were driving home LittleTwinBoyAaron said…

“Mom, would you please turn your music down.”

“Ok?” I said.

Then I hear these words come out of the little boys mouth.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Thanks that we could buy Spiderman Undies at Walmart today. Name of Jesus, Amen.”

“Whoa…cool prayer, dude.” said his twin brother.

“Yeah, I know. Team Cheer.”

Then they high fived each other. 

I’m just chuckling and chuckling to myself and thinking what a darling little boys I have and aren’t they so wonderful and cute…and apparently turning into prayerful individuals! Bonus. Our family prayer routine must really be paying off. Maybe I’m going to be MotherOfTheYear after all!

Then I hear….

“What in the *!$%”

Followed by….

“Oh my *!$%”

“Excuse me!? Um. What did you just say?!?!?! 
We should never EVER say that word. Yes, I’m talking about 
*!$%. Never ever say that word again, Aaron.”

And then I’m wracking my brain trying to think of where in the world he would have heard the word *!$%. 

That particular word happens to be in the scriptures you know.

It’s in there.

A lot.

Alright so the scriptures don’t really have the phrase “Oh my *!$%” anywhere in them. At least I can’t find a spot. 


This is JamieNeverSwearsItUp! Over and out….. 

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  1. Hilarious! Don't you just love the words your kids choose hear and then try them out? When my sister was about 3 years old my mom took her dress shopping one day. My sister found a dress that apparently she really liked, but my mom did not buy it. On the way out of the store my sister dejectedly said, “Oh, $%&!, I wanted that dress!” Mom froze, the store clerks gasped (this was back in the 60's), and my grandmother, who was with my mom and sister, laughed out loud. And no, that particular swear word is not ANYWHERE in the scriptures.

  2. Just the title of this story had me cracking up! And I have to tell my Spiderman Undies story too. My mother-in-law told me this one about my husband. She had a hard time potty-training him (not that I'm surprised-he still has issues with getting it IN the potty). He was completely enamored with his Spiderman underwear, so she pointed out that he couldn't pee on Spidey! My husband would go to the potty just he didn't pee on Spiderman and my mother-in-law washed those undies every night until he was potty-trained. Score one for her! (Now if I could just train him to keep getting it IN the toilet . . . )