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I’ve been extremely blessed 
in this life
to have
Some I’ve had for a long while…
we grew up together and all.
Others are sisters I’ve gained through marriage.
Let me be clear….they are the sisters of my husband and the wives of my brothers….
not my sister wives. 
🙂 🙂 🙂 
Just throwing that out there for clarification. 
Between them all I’m sitting pretty with a total of 10 sisters.
Did I mention how lucky I am?
Did I mention how great they are all?
I’m not kidding…they are all really marvelous women. 
Each talented, kind and good in their own way. 
My sister Mary is particularly fabulous with all things in the decorating department. 
I thought you might like to see the beautiful things she put together (with the working hands of all sisters willing) this past weekend for our youngest sisters wedding dinner. 
Just in case you have a sister who needs a wedding dinner. 
Or in case you want to put on a pretty show for another occasion.
And in case you are wondering what one
might serve at a wedding dinner.
And because it was really pretty, and somewhat inexpensive. 
For the table centerpieces Mary 
made some Tiered Serving Platters (tutorial found here.)
She ordered cupcakes from Sam’s Club then decorated them with cute bows and some toppers made by our sister Erin. 
The beautiful platters of cupcakes were tied up with ribbons and set on top of several layers of coordinating fabrics and ribbons.  
She purchased inexpensive frames and put pictures of the bride and groom on each table.
A dessert buffet was part of the menu. 
Aren’t these chocolate doughnut holes cute!
Who knew doughnut holes could be so pretty. 
With a fancy mini cup, sucker stick and ribbon they can really transform, can’t they?
For dinner we served 
Roast Beef and Gravy
Fabulous Roasted Chicken
Baked Potatoes
These beautiful trees were borrowed from a friend.
They were apparently made by spray painting tree branches white, trimming them in white lights and then sticking them in coordinating boxes. 
Really gorgeous.
Ribbons, paper and tulle tied together and hung from a
greeting post positioned out side the door.
The youngest sister in my life, on her happy day.
Love you, Val……more than numbers. 
Have a great weekend, everyone. 
See you soon, more great recipes are laying in wait….

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  1. I love your blog! I was totally shocked when I saw the picture of Scott and Val, I grew up with Scott and they are now in my ward!