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This fall my family and I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time together at beautiful Bear Lake.

The weather has been unusually warm considering it’s the end of October! The leaves have all changed color here in our neck of the woods and most of them have fallen to the ground laying in marvelous, crunchy, crinkly heaps.

Which makes a mountainous stroll pretty darn perfect.

Especially if you have a sweet companion like this…

and this…

And every last one of these. 🙂

Could someone please slow the ticking clock? Time seems to have sped up lately and I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing! Do they look ancient to you…or is it just me? I keep reminding myself (while elbow deep in dirty dishes, piles of laundry and sibling squabbles) that this stage of life isn’t going to last forever.

They are going to grow up and head out into the wide world.

Sooner than I would like.

And so I’m trying to drink it all up. The funny things they say, the quirky things they do, kisses given when I tuck them in, the snuggling, the late night talks with teenagers, reading story books to my little ones, the whirl-wind mood changes (keeps me on my toes, if you know what I’m saying here).

Because today while I was witness to God’s georgous world around me, I realized that it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful…

without a heap of this to go with it.

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  1. Thanks for reminding us how beautiful this world is. Your family is beautiful too. I always enjoy hearing about your family. My children are all in their fifties and the grandkids are growing up too fast but there are greats to keep me young. Love your recipes too

  2. Love the pics and the glimpse into you non-cooking life. So very sweet! My kiddos are growing too fast too! I looked ahead this weekend and realized that in five years, my oldest will be a senior in high school, and my youngest will be nearly done with elementary school. Five years ago, I was pregnant and struggling to help little ones learn how to read and keep the preschoolers occupied all day long. Time flies so fast. Thanks for all the great recipes and lovely pictures (of food and cute kids)!