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Oh do I have a FABULOUS recipe for you today, folks. I have always wanted to try making homemade pretzels. I just didn’t ever get around to it. Last week I got around to it 3 different times. I just couldn’t help myself! My girls are on a 3 week break from school…..and what can I say. We need a project. We need many projects…..we need sunshine and outdoor weather! However, here we are inside watching Star Wars for the 7 millionth time. The twin 3 year olds living here tend to get their way more than they should!
We are in love with these pretzels. We even made them with a little play group class of 3 year old boys. They loved it! You will love them as well. They would be fantastic for any super bowl party!
Have a great day, everyone!
Note: I highly recommend using a stand mixer such as a Kitchen Aid or Bosch. This dough is very stiff to begin with and you need the strength of a mixer to knead it well.
Soft Jumbo Pretzels
Yield: 12 jumbo pretzels
Time: 3 hours
4 t yeast
1 t sugar
1 1/4 C warm water
5 C flour
1/2 C sugar
1 1/2 t salt
1 T canola oil
10 C hot boiling water
3/4 C baking soda
Pretzel salt to taste
1 egg, whipped until frothy
1. In the bottom of your Kitchen Aid or Bosch Mixer dissolve 1 t sugar and the yeast in the warm water. I just stir it around a bit with a spoon. Let it sit for 5 minutes, or until the mixture begins to bubble and rise.
2. Add salt, 1/2 C sugar, oil, and 1 C of the flour. Mix for about 30 seconds.
3. Add the rest of the flour 1 C at a time. This recipe needs ALL 5 CUPS of the flour. It will seem a bit stiff at first, but the pretzels still turn out very soft with all 5 cups. You need this much flour, or your finished product will be more roll like than pretzel like.
4. Once all the flour is added mix on high for about 8 minutes.
5. Let the dough rest and rise for 1 1/2-2 hours. The dough needs to rise until at least doubled in size. This recipe takes a while to rise, but don’t cheat this step. The pretzels will be much more difficult to roll out if the dough hasn’t risen enough.
6. Heat your oven to 450 degrees.
7. Punch the dough down and divide it into 12 equal portions. I used a sharp knife sprayed with cooking spray and a cutting board for this step.
8. Place each piece on a sprayed cookie sheet and let them rest for 10 minutes. Don’t skip this step….unless you enjoy letting the dough rule over you while you shape it. Give it a rest an you will be In-Charge-Marge. Otherwise, the dough is very hard to manipulate.
9. Combine the 10 C water and baking soda in a large pot. Bring it to a boil.
10. While the water heats, roll each dough piece into a long thin rope. Twist it into a pretzel shape.
11. Put each piece (one at a time) into the boiling water for 30 seconds.
12. Place on a sprayed cookie sheet and brush the beaten egg over the top. Sprinkle with pretzel salt.
13. Bake for 8 minutes. Enjoy!
We opted to leave the pretzel salt off on occasion. When they came out of the oven we brushed butter on the top and sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar…..delicious!

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  1. Melissa,
    Terrible? Oh dear. This is a recipe that people either love and they turn out great…or they have a lot of trouble with the dough rising fulling leaving the pretzels dense. Sometimes depeding on the altitude, the climate, where you live (obviously) makes a difference in how much flour you need. You may need less. Also if you place the your bowl in a warm spot in your kitchen that helps the dough to rise quicker. So sorry they didn't turn out. Nothing more frustrating! Wasted time and ingredients makes for a bummer deal. Good luck. Hope these tips help!

  2. I'm proud to say that i did make this recipe last saturday and the kids really love it. Yeah I can do it!

  3. In your recipe it says to add more yeast when you are adding the salt, sugar, flour, and oil – was this a typo?
    If not, then how much yeast do you add? Thanks!

  4. In your recipe it says to add more yeast when you are adding the salt, sugar, flour, and oil – was this a typo?
    If not, then how much yeast do you add? Thanks!

    ***this was my same question…

  5. Annonymous,
    Sorry for the mistake! Yes, you only add the yeast to the warm water in the beginning. It doesn't need to be added a second time. Sorry for the confusion. Good luck!

  6. After bookmarking this page a long time ago, I finally got around to making these today. They turned out perfectly. It took the full 2 hours from the dough to rise, and even then in not sure it doubled exactly. They really were delicious though, even my husband liked them and he hates pretzels!

  7. moar pictures!!! what tool to you use to place the pretzels into and scoop them out of the water+baking soda? All the tools I use make a huge mess (baking soda splotches everywhere)


    1. Zombiesammich,
      I generally use a large slotted spoon. It does leave things a little bit messy. 🙂 I think that is just the nature of the project. Best of luck to you!