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Hello, everyone! 
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
I hope Black Friday left you with 
10 bags of treasures 
zero baggie black eyes.
 How did all of your Thanksgiving cooking go? 
I had my fingers crossed for all of us….
Thanksgiving is a bad time for a kitchen blunder, isn’t it? 
Sure hope you didn’t have any! 
My little family and I ate dinner with MyHandsomeHusbands side of the family. Later in the evening we spent some time at my Mom’s house visiting with my parents and siblings. 
It was really a great day!
When I arrived at my Mom’s house, there was the cutest little present waiting there for me. 
I thought some of you might like seeing it,
as I know some of you are crafty 
and like to make little things like this! 
My very wonderful, extremely kind, thoughtful, and crafty sister Jen made this cute little advent calendar for me. 

To make the calendar she used a 24 count mini muffin tin.
Then she decorated some card stock with scrap book paper and cute little do daws. She put some sticky magnets (you can buy in a roll) along the back of each piece of card stock.
(can you tell I’m more of a cooker than a crafter….I don’t even know what to call all of these supplies!)
Then she filled each little muffin holder with treats, and covered them with the magnetized card stocky, 
crafty paper looking like things. Cute!
Crafty and cute….

I love how she made all of the squares different. 
All original looking and clever. 
I think #10 is my favorite.
#9 is pretty darn cute as well. I’m a sucker for swirly, pretty…
Another great thing about this advent calendar is, it can be saved and used from year to year. 
I also love that you get to keep the mini muffin tin when you are done using it as an advent calendar.
 Thanks to Jen Crafts It Up!
You are one in a million!
I can’t wait to start using it. As soon as we finished eating our turkey dinner MyLittleTwinBoys started asking me if Christmas was tomorrow. December lasts a long old time when you are 4 years old.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I would totally buy one of those from your sister. It is darling and I don't have an ounce of craftiness in me. Let me know if she wants to make another one to sell!

    I didn't realize your cute twins are 4. I have a 4-year-old boy too. That is such a fun and sweet age.

  2. Absolutely REALLY CUTE Jaime! I have seen these adorable Advent Calendars over the years and have always wanted to make one – yeah…it has yet to happen…maybe next year! And by the way, YOU ARE TRULY CRAFTY with all the gorgeous baked and cooked creations you make – your pictures show this truth 100%! 🙂

    Does your sister have a blog too?

  3. What a darling advent calendar. I wish my crafty genes had not gone stagnant in the last few years (sigh!). Mine if I link you this darling idea on my humble blog? This is to cute to keep a secret!

  4. Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing! So, I made your crescent rolls (which turned out FABULOUS thanks to your helpful hints), honey butter, raspberry honey butter AND the blueberry sour cream pie. ALL to die for! I got MANY compliments and sent MANY people to your blog. 🙂 Today for the big game we're having chocolate candy bar pie and that SUPER yummy cranberry cream cheese dip. When I read my husband the list of ingredients he turned his nose up at the recipe. HOWEVER, when I forced him to try a bite he LOVED it!! 🙂 Keep posting those yummy holiday recipes my dear.

  5. Wow that is so cute now I have an idea of what to get some of my friends. I just need to get busy now and make it before the 1st rolls around. Thanks for sharing.