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 So…rumor has it that the holiday season has hit.
Jingle Jangle, Ho Ho Ho and pass the fudge!  


And according to my precise calculations…
YOU, yes you…
are in the throws of shopping, planning and plotting, trimming, baking and beautifying every corner of your life…
 …making magic happen, every minute of the day.


Am I right?
I knew it. 
You are just so nice and kind and thoughtful, like that. 
Always thinking of others before yourself. 
(That’s how women do, you know.)
And since you are so wonderful, 
I though you might find it handy
to have some printable gift tags 
for your gift giving needs. 
So I put some together. 
If you find my home grown printables to be loud and obnoxious  please immediately avert your eyes, flee the premises and meet me back here next week for a whole slew of knock your socks off holiday treat recipes. 
No hard feelings. 
If you find these printables acceptable, I hope you will use them to your hearts content. I made two different sheet sizes. 
One with all large tags and one with six different sized tags. 
Click the following links below and you’ll come to a page where you can download them and print as many as you like. 

PRINTING NOTE: I printed my tags on glossy photo paper. But regular paper would work as well. Also, all printers work a bit differently (as I’m sure you know). I had to lighten the setting on my printer to get the bright red and green colors you see here on line. Good luck! Hope you enjoy them.
Happy weekend, everyone!
Thanks for being such great readers. 
I love ya to pieces. 



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