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I wanted to let you know today about a new recipe category I’ve made. SUGAR FREE/GLUTEN FREE, my friends.

If you are looking on a desktop device, you can see it right up there at the top of the screen.

If you are on a phone, just tap the three little lines at the top left of the screen…

Then you will see the new category right there. Hope some of you find it helpful!

In the 13 years that I’ve been food blogging, I’ve loaded this site down with more than 1500 recipes. That’s a lot of food! I so appreciate your support over the years and it makes me very happy to think of so many you using these recipes to feed yourself and your people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner just keep rolling around, don’t they? I’ve been grateful myself to have this big stock pile of recipes to use!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more healthy recipes and am pleased to have gotten a lot of feedback asking for more of them. Not only are these newer recipes healthy, but most of them are sugar free and gluten free as well. I wanted to make a recipe category that would keep these recipes easily accessible to you all (and to myself) ;). I know there are a growing number of folks out there trying to keep sugar and flour (gluten) to a minimum. Myself included. Please feel free to pass this little treasured category along to anyone you know who could use it.

Also, just a heads up. The recipes in this category don’t use any sugar or gluten substitutes, rather they are made up of beautiful, clean, vitamin rich food. I like to think of it as a place to collect the “luxury food” that’s super healthy and clean. When I was talking to MyHandsomeHusband and kids about what this new recipe category should be called I suggested “Skinny Clean Recipes” or “Super Healthy Recipes of Wonder”…to which I was met with a few blank stares and the comment “Mom, just call it what it is. Sugar Free. Gluten Free”.

So there, you have it. But please know these are fabulous food ideas. 🙂 Here’s a little glimpse of what’s there so far.

Hoping to add lots more great ideas to this list, everyone.

PS…if you came here looking for SUGAR or FLOUR, there is not a shortage. Click HERE and HERE to feast your eyes upon the beauty in those categories.

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