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Good Saturday Morning to you all! I have come across some wonderful things as of late.
One of them is Steel Cut Oats.
Now, I’m going to let you in on a secret.
I am not a huge oatmeal as a cereal fan. I want to be. I see the good in it. I am happy when my kids request it! I love it in a good cookie… but this girl cannot tolerate soggy cereal.
  I have heard a lot of good things from friends and family about steel cut oats. I found some at a great new grocery store chain called Winco.  Utah readers..there are 2 now that I know of in the Salt Lake Valley. 
Might I just say!!!!! They have the most wonderful bulk food section I have ever laid my eyes on. I seriously could have spent hours browsing it. All kinds of treasures there, folks. Candy, candy, many kinds of granola, dried lentils, beans, peas, wheat, rice, many kinds of flour, candy, candy, rice blends, WILD RICE (I have been searching the world over for you), different kinds of honey, chocolate candy, jelly-belly candy, soup base, croutons, cereals, crackers, pasta (including whole wheat pasta), SPICES! SPICES! Yes, the kind you usually pay a fortune for!
I could go on and on.
 All of these treasures are sold by the pound.
 I came home with a few tokens of beauty and can’t wait to get back and try a few more.
(Did I mention they have candy?) 
These steel cut oats were a pleasant surprise. They have a nice grainy texture and were wonderful with warm blueberries and bit of brown sugar. 
I have included the cooking instructions for you. Happy healthy eating! (Sorry about all the candy talk… truth I didn’t even purchase any candy. I just looked at it longingly and came home with steel cut oats.)
Steel Cut Oats
Yield: 4 Servings
1 C steel cut oats
3 C water 
1/4 t salt
1. In a medium sized sauce pan bring your water to a boil.
2. Add the oats and salt. Give it a little stir and reduce the heat to medium low. I put my lid on, but slanted it a bit so that some steam could escape. 
3. Cook for 10-20 minutes. The longer you cook it the softer it will become. So taste it now and then to see if it is reaching the texture you like. “Not Soggy” is the texture I like!

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  1. Jamie – I've been cooking up Bob's Mill steel cut oats for years. When I know I won't be able to eat lunch on a busy day, I have it for breakfast and I'm not hungry till dinner. They also have a bulk section in the Smith's Marketplaces (in Utah) and at a great little shop in West Jordan called Kitchen Kneads. They have grundles of things in bulk – kind of like a mini-Orson Gygi in the south end of the SL Valley. Thanks for great ideas!

  2. Hi, Jamie! I also recently discovered steel cut oats – and I'm loving them! They have this “magic” about them. I don't feel full, yet I also don't get hungry all day if I've had them for breakfast. I add a bit of brown sugar and a splash of milk – yummmm. I'm going to have to try blueberries next. Thanks.

  3. i am with you on the no oatmeal except in cookies thing! Maybe i will try them. My mom's favorite store in Idaho is Winco. I haven't been to the one here. I never venture that far away. I am lazy like that.

  4. Okay, we have all seen other bulk food sections but I will second (3rd) the holla for Winco. I live in Southern California and nobody can touch their prices or selection. Can we say 1/2 the price? Wow Wow Wow!!! I love your website.