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Well the days of summer are coming to and end.
Coming to end, I am sad to say.
My girls will start school on Monday morning
and when that happens….
I feel a bit of a panic set in.
What causes this?
Remembrance, really
of those blessed hours between
4 and 7.
You know how it goes.
“How was your day?”
 “Do you have any homework?”
 “Mark, stop teasing the girls.”
 “Yes, you can have a snack, but don’t spoil your dinner.”
 “Emily, I am listening dear. Please stop crying.”
 “Your teacher said you were wonderful! How nice.”
 “Your teacher said you talk to much in class? Please don’t.”
 “Yes Anna, that outfit was a lovely choice.”
 “Does this paper have to be signed tonight?”
 “Go and practice the piano please.”
 “Everyone! The kitchen table is not 
where we keep our school bags.”
 “How did this popcorn get all over the kitchen floor?”
 “Please remember to get your room picked up.”
 “Hi, Honey. How was your day. 
That good, huh? Tell me all about it.”
 “Nate and Aaron go ride your bikes so I can talk to Dad.”
“Girls, set the table please.”
Doesn’t really seem like there is a lot of
time left over to prepare a fancy gourmet meal, now does there.
When school starts it seems I’m always eager to make recipes that can be thrown in the crock pot that morning, 
or take minimal effort after school.  
You like to do that too?
Great minds think a like.
These Creamy Chicken Tacos are seriously so yummy and easy.
Just what you need on a busy weekday.
The chicken is very saucy, creamy, flavorful…! Woo Hoo!
 It could be used as a dip, as well as a taco filling.
YUM, is what we need on a school day every day!
YUM, without a lot of fuss.
Creamy Chicken Tacos
Time: 10 minutes prep! + 5 hours to cook
Yield: 6 servings
Recipe created by Jamie Cooks It Up!
5 FROZEN chicken breasts (don’t you love it when you can start with frozen! Me too…)
1 1/2 C salsa
2 cans cream of chicken soup (I use 98% fat free)
2 1/2 T taco seasoning
1 T maple syrup (Yum. Trust me. It adds a lot of yum…. 
 and I know you have some in your pantry!)
1 t lime juice (you can use bottled)
1 T butter
1/2 C sour cream (I use light)
Serve over Tortilla chips or Tortillas.  Top with tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, perhaps a little cilantro,  sliced avocado? Maybe we are gourmet after all!
1. Spray the inside of your crock pot with cooking spray and place the FROZEN chicken breasts inside.
2. In a small mixing bowl stir together all other ingredients but the butter and sour cream.
3. Pour the sauce over the top of the chicken. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours, or on low for 7-8 hours.
4. Take the chicken out of the crock and onto a plate. Shred it all up with a fork and throw it back in.
5. Add the little pat of butter and the sour cream, stir it all around until incorporated.
6. Cook for 1 more hour.
Serve with chips and cheese.
Or on a tortilla with taco fixins.
Good luck with your after school chaos!
May the force be with you.
And with me.

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  1. habe had this before, delicious! Just wondering if it was possible to make with raw chicken? Want to make it for dinner tonight but don’t have any frozen! What cooking times should I use?

    1. Susie,
      You can make it with regular (not frozen) raw chicken. It will cook just a bit faster for you, is all. Best of luck!

  2. Well, it’s been awhile since I made this. I love this recipe and is always a hit with the family. Unfortunately the recipe won’t load and all I get is multiple ads and website suggestions. Very disappointing.

    1. Michelle,
      Thanks for your comment. So sorry the recipe didn’t load for you. Can you tell me what kind of device you are using to view the recipes? Are you on a computer or mobile device? Thanks for your help!