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So it just so happens that my family and I have recently entered the world of Cable Television. I know, I know. We are a bit old fashioned and cheap. But we have dawned anew….and let me just tell you! There are a lot of channels being piped into my TV every single day. Who knew there were cooking shows available ROUND THE CLOCK! Down right amazing. And I must add here, there is no one walking this good earth that is more annoying than Sponge Bob. I don’t care if he DOES have Square Pants.

So when we signed up for Cable TV we got this special promo deal that included all channels for a short time. Yes. I said ALL channels.

Now we are a little bit naive, and old fashioned as I previously mentioned. We didn’t realize what ALL channels meant.

Didn’t realize until my TeenSonMark came in to my room one morning and said “Um, Mom. We turned off the TV. There was some show on called The Naked News at Nine.”

Excuse me? The NAKED news?
Turn it off! Unplug the contraption! Deliver all remotes to me immediately! No. One. Browse. Any. Channels. We have made a serious error….there are inappropriately naked people hanging out on the television just waiting to scar the eyes of innocent children. 

Shut the front door. 
Or should I say “Open the front door” and throw out the trash.

Which is what we did in the form of some fancy technology that allows one to block the naked.

Wow. Seriously. Naked, on the News. Just another one of my Mother-Of -The-Year moments. (There are getting to be so many!)

You might be thinking, what in the world does this story have to do with Buzz Light Year. Well, after I saw to it that all our naked visitors were blocked…I discovered some fabulous things. Shows like The Cake Boss, The Ace of Cakes and Cupcake Wars. Get out of town….there are some talented people out there! Talented people making FABULOUS, OUT OF THIS WORLD creations.

I am not one of those people.

This Buzz Light Year Cake is just an easy way to put a little smile on a little birthday face. I’ll let you in on a secret, my friends. Kids don’t care if all of your decorating is perfect.

Just look at the back of my cake here. The Cake Boss would be appalled. It would not win any awards. However, I’m not out to win awards.


Just hoping to win a smile or two.
I bet you can, too.
Buzz Light Year Cake
Yield: 12 servings
Time: 40 minutes prep and bake + 1 hour cooling + 30 minutes decorating
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!

1 Devils Food Cake Mix + ingredients to make the cake
1 recipe Buttercream Frosting
Purple and Green Wilton Icing Colors
Star tip #21 Wilton Cake Decorating Tip
Round tip #7 Wilton Cake Decorating Tip
Decorating Bags and Couplers
1 Buzz Light Year toy 1. Mix up your cake according to package directions. Spray a bundt pan with cooking spray and pour your batter in.
2. Bake according to package directions.
3. Cool completely on a wire rack.
4. Make your Buttercream Frosting. You can access that recipe and read all about how to make it here.
5. Reserve about 2/3 of the frosting and put it into a bowl. Split the other 1/3 into two parts. Turn one part green and one part purple.
6. Fill your decorating bags with the colored frosting.
7. Cover your cake with the white frosting you have reserved.

8. Use the lines of the bundt cake to help you with your design. I did the green lines first, then the purple. You can do what ever designs your little heart desires. Put Buzz Light Year in the middle of the cake.

You have done it!
Smiles all around…..

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Thanks for dropping by today! I hope you find these recipes to be delicious!

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  1. You are so talented!

    Hey, we have been on LIMITED Basic cable with Comcast for awhile; yes, there is such a thing. Only about $18/mo., you get all the local channels, Discovery, History, Travel, Cspan and some shopping and Spanish channels. No crappy stuff. No one seems to know about this package, so I'm passing it on to you~

  2. Thank goodness there are not any naked cooking shows! I would hate to have to ban The Cooking Channel!!!!!! I love your Buzz Lightyear Cake. It's darling (and big smile from a cute little boy is much better than winning a cake battle,in my book). Fabulous job on both cakes!

  3. Loved your post and LOVE that cake! Perfect enough, in my book. And his smile says it all. So a little secret – no cable here either. Yup, rabbit ears & converter box for me. Although I do wish I could watch some of those fab cooking shows (and I bet my kids would love to watch Disney). Great job on the cake!!

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  4. Jamie – you are amazing! My little (Buzz-Addicted) grandson would LOVE it… It's surprising to see how quickly we can develop a “NEED” for TV. All I need to be sure of having now is all the sports channels for when my sons-in-law come home with my daughters from college for a sports fix. However – sometimes it's (mind-numbingly) fun to occasionally let yourself peer in on something as crazy as “Swamp People”… Who knows, maybe there's a 'reality' show out there about those crazy people who live in UTAH!¿

  5. Very cute cake! My kids and I enjoy all the cooking shows too. We watch them together as they are always age appropriate.

  6. You are so creative and all your cakes are so darling. When I'm making a cake I have the hardest time coming up with decorating ideas. I love yours and will catalog them for future cake making days. Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge.

  7. Love that cake, and I’m going to make a similar one for my son’s birthday. The link to your buttercream frosting is not working, though. Could you email me the recipe if it’s not too much trouble? Thanks!