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Happy October everyone! Time just seems to be flying by, doesn’t it? It seems the older I get, the faster it goes.Things change….I change….My kids get older….My hair gets grayer….And let’s not even talk about my hips. Thanks for not bringing it up.
Speaking of change, sometimes do you think about the things that were important to you when you were younger? Talents you were developing, skills you had? The other day my husband and I were playing a piano duet in our living room. My twin boys went outside to play and our neighbor asked them  “Hey boys, what are your parents doing in there? That is such lovely music coming through the window!”

“Oh….my Dad is just teaching my Mom how to play the piano.”
Apparently the boys can’t read the diploma hanging on my wall that says Bachelor of Music. Nor have they realized that the early morning piano students parading through here come to be taught by a professional. 
Her name’s not Dad. (though the man can play circles around me!)
Skills. Talents.
Recently my TeenSonMark wondered what in the world I would do all day if I didn’t have the dishes to keep me company.
Skills? Talents? 
Professional Dish Do-er Extraordinaire! No wonder my twins don’t know I can play the piano. I can’t get out from under the pile of dishes!
I will say that the pile of dishes around here has increased some what in the past year. It was just last October that I started this food blog. Wow. When I started, I had no idea how sitting at this computer screen and typing up recipes for you all would affect my life. I have really been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities because of this blog. Thank you so much for reading about this crazy life of ours, and for trying these recipes. I hope they have brought you some joy! Goodness knows, I am having a wonderful time writing them. You all really make my life a lot of fun. You are some pretty fine blog reading folks. Thanks for hanging around.
These Pumpkin Patch Cookies were one of the first recipes I posted on the blog last October. Since my Mom and Sisters were about the only ones reading back then, I thought I would give them another plug. They are so much fun to make! I hope you give them a try! You can access the recipe by clicking here
Have a great day! See you back here soon for my October Menu, and some more great recipes.

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  1. Jamie, I think you are fabulously talented and that's no joke. 🙂 I do so love you, your recipes, your sense of humor…all of it! 🙂 You keep me going and keep my life in the kitchen a little more interesting (which is good because that is where I spend most of my day…that and the laundry room)!

    1. f5Excellent post however I was wnaitng to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

  2. It is amazing what you have created in a year! I am amazed at your talents(in the kitchen and out), and I love,love,LOVE your sense of humor!Your the kind of gal I'd like to share a Diet Coke with on a sunny(or rainy,or snowy)afternoon! Thanks for all of your hard work, she inspire me quite often!

  3. Hi Jamie!
    I have been reading and trying your recipes for a while (rave reviews from my family). I would like to make the pumpkin patch cookies. Can you clarify the size of the pumpkin (how many ounces)? Thanks so much. My email is [email protected]. Shannon

  4. Shannon,
    Thanks for your question. You need a 29 oz can of pumpkin for this recipe. Good luck! Hope you have fun making them!

  5. I finally made these cookies and my family is IN LOVE!! My husband said they were his new favorite dessert. period. Can't get better than that!

    Thanks for these!

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