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Hello and how the heck are ya?
Doing well, I hope!
This morning dawns the beginning 
of a new school year for my two oldest kids.
My poor middle daughter Emily has been back to school 
for five weeks now.
Oh the blessing of year round school. 
Not really fair is it?
The dear girl has reminded me no less than 
7 bazillion 
times how unfair it is 
that she is
“……the ONLY one who has school, Mom. 
My life is full of despair, it’s just not FAIR!  
All the rest of you people are just home eating bon bons
and playing and having fun…
sob, sob, 
boo hoo. 
Can you really blame her? 
Life can be hard when you are 9 years old. 
And so, for this full figured mother of five 
having all three of my big kids back in school this morning 
is a calm and quiet blessing. 
Though I will miss them, let it be known for the record.
Since school is back in session…
And being that I have a sneaking suspicion 
 at least some of you have kids….
I’ve got some great SchoolMorningBreakfast
recipes for you this week.
These Hearty Breakfast Burritos are first on the list. 
Quick, filling, healthy….
a perfect way to help your kids through their day.
Eggs can do that for you, ya know. 
We eat a lot of them around here.
I am also pleased to announce that I have partnered with 
Egglands Best Eggs and had the opportunity this past week to host a
Egglands Best Plate Date. 
What is that, you might be thinking?
Just a fun little back to school breakfast party I had with a few friends and thier kids, sponsored by Egglands Best Eggs. 
I made these Breakfast Burritos along with another great recipe I’ll be sharing with you later on in the week. 
Egglands Best Eggs would like to give a few goodies away to one of you lucky readers. 
The winner will receive…..
Coupons for 2 dozen Egglands Best Eggs
A coupon for 1 dozen Hard Cooked and Peeled Eggs
 4 ramekins, an apron, whisk, spatula, egg timer and eco bag. 
Not too shabby, eh?
To enter the giveaway 
leave me a comment telling me your kids favorite school morning breakfast.  Might it be…..
Cold Cereal
Glass of OJ
Scrambled eggs,
Eggs over easy…
Pop Tart of Wonder…
Leave me a lone I don’t do breakfast…
Three Chocolate Chip Cookies, please?
There are no wrong answers. 
Truly. Please remember to leave your email address within your comment.
You may enter until Thursday night at midnight. 
Winner will be announced on Friday morning. 
For a second entry post a link to this giveaway on your own blog, facebook or twitter. Then come back here and tell me you did so. 
Now….let’s make some breakfast. 
Hearty Breakfast Burritos
Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!
2 dozen eggs
splash of milk
salt and pepper
1  32 ounce bag Southern Potatoes
5 T butter
salt and pepper
8-10 large burrito style tortillas
diced ham
sour cream
BBQ sauce
maple syrup
***NOTE: To make these Hearty Breakfast Burritos come together even quicker you can omit the potatoes. End of note.***
1. Crack your eggs and put them in a large mixing bowl. Add the splash of milk and a little salt and pepper. Whisk the eggs up until they are nice and frothy. 
2. Heat up a large skillet over medium high heat. Spray it with cooking spray and pour your eggs right in. 
3. Scrape the bottom of your pan until the eggs are cooked through. 
4. While your eggs are cooking heat up another skillet and add the butter. Pour your hash browns in and cook them until they are golden brown. 
5. Heat your tortillas in the microwave, or wrap them in tin foil and let them heat through in a warm oven. 
6. Set out the tortillas, potatoes, eggs…..

some yummy toppings and let your family build a little bit of breakfast wonder.

Thanks so much for dropping by, today. 
Have a good one….
here’s to a new school year!

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