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Once upon a time…
I had two little twin baby boys. 
 They were really somethin’!
Cried on occasion.
Slept a lot.
Ate a lot. 
I cuddled them a lot.
Sometimes I felt like crying.
Just tellin’ it like it is. 
Newborn twins can wear a girl out, you know.  
 They came with their own little personalities…
 as all babies do!
 Good pals?
 Does having twins get any easier with time?
Easier….and better….and more wonderful with every passing day. 
 The pleasure is all mine, really. 
 Even when they are slimy
and dirty…
 They have a little fascinations with Mario…
 and Luigi.
 I have a little fascination with these two boys!
I’m talking about the real boys seen here.
I couldn’t care less about Mario and Luigi.
Keep that last part to yourself, would ya?
I wouldn’t want to ruin the Mario Luigi love going on around here. 
Five years under the bridge with my two boys, 

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  1. I have 6 month old twin boys (and a 2.5 yr old boy) so I am so glad to hear it gets easier over time!! Hope they had a great birthday!

  2. Awww…what a super sweet post! Your boys are so handsome and those cakes? Fab-u-lous…I bet they loved 'em!

  3. Love this post. Love those boys and you. And I've never even met any of you! Ain't Blogland grand? Printed so many of your recipes. Thanks for the hard work – on the twins AND the recipes!:)

  4. It's good to hear from another mom of twins. I have identical twin girls that are 9 now and it has not gotten easier! Maybe because they are identical, maybe because they are girls, maybe because I'm doing something wrong? I think back on the feeding and diaper-changing days and think, “that had to be easier”. Maybe a different hard. It's definitely a challenge but, I do have to say, it get's funner every day. Love those 2 girls!
    (From another mom at Foothills Elem)