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 This past weekend my dear friends and I held a bake sale. It’s an annual kind of thing, five years running now. During the weeks preceding the event we get together and bake and visit and bake and visit and eat five dollar pizza and let our kids play with Lego’s and bake some more and visit and laugh and chortle and spill powdered sugar and bake and visit. 

 Then we head to our own homes to take care of families. And we bake some more…

     and some more….

 until we have goodies a plenty. 

 Then we just cross our fingers and hope that folks will come and spend a bit of money for a good cause. And the amazing thing is…

People do! They offer their hard earned money for our treats. And then we give the money to someone who needs it. Someone who has fallen on hard times and needs a little boost during the holiday season. 

And do you want to hear the craziest thing?
The whole thing makes me happy from my toes to my nose. And happy is a great thing to be, wouldn’t you say?

Several weeks ago I was feeling a bit ba-humbug-ish. It may have been due to the Halloween Day Christmas music I caught on the radio. (Shouldn’t we celebrate Thanksgiving or something?) Or perhaps it was my kids handing me gigantic Christmas wish lists, or the thoughts of all the shopping and getting and getting and getting and getting and GETTING…and spending and buying and spending. 

Bah-Humbug, to be exact. 

A few days later I found myself with two sweet twin boys cuddled up on my lap, story book wide open, reading Christmas Oranges. Do you know about this story? It’s the kind a mother can’t read without wiping tears away and struggling to keep a steady voice. Its a beautiful story that melts this grumpy gals heart, every time. I’m always amazed at the fresh perspective it gives me. It makes my simple life glisten and glow like I’m the queen of England or something. And not because I drive a glamorous Hyundai mini van, shop at Walmart and buy Grandma’s Sycamore Bread for $1 a loaf at the Sarah Lee Outlet. (It seems like I just might be The Queen Of England herself, doesn’t it! Thanks for noticing.)  The thing I adore about this book, is its tender reminder to be grateful for the the most beautiful blessing in my life. And what is that, you might be wondering?

Having someone to love. Children to love, a husband to love…friends (to bake with), neighbors, parents, sisters, brothers…all to love.

What else could a person possibly need?

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  1. Thanks for putting things in perspective. I get feeling bah-humbug around this time too. Too much shopping, spending, hurrying – and it seems way too early for Christmas. I feel like I need to get ready mentally for Christmas – like it's an onslaught I'm never really prepared for. It should be about loving and giving from the heart. What a good tradition you've got going there with the bake sale. A good way to get into the season.

  2. The suckers that you had for the bake sale did you make them? If so where can I find the recipe? They are adorable!!!! Thankss….Michelle

  3. Your bake sale looks amazing. I wish that I would have been there. I am pretty sure that I would have spent a fortune there. :o)

  4. First — what beautiful baked goods. I am not the least bit surprised people came.

    Second — what a lovely post. God is good and so are people. You have a beautiful spirit. It shines in each of your posts.

    Happy Thanksgiving. So grateful I found your blog!

  5. Thank you so much for today's post. You made me appreciate all that I have. I usually dread this time of year. Never enough time to get everything done. Seems like you just go, go, go. Need to stop and be thankful for everyday's blessings.

  6. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now. You always make me laugh and you have wonderful recipes. Today you made me cry because your sentiment was so beautiful and it's so true. Your bake sale sounds wonderful and your spirit of giving is even more so. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.