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Earlier this week I was busy making Homemade Suckers. Because my friend Pam made them for our neighborhood bake sale, and once I posted a few pictures of them, 500 of you asked me to please post the recipe. 
OK so it wasn’t really 500 of you, but enough of you asked that I thought I best get to it!
 The confections in the picture above are not homemade suckers. Just wanted to clarify.
While making Homemade Suckers I got a bit distracted and accidentally poured some of the bubbly hot candy all over my thumb and under part of my hand. 
 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.
It wasn’t my finest moment, I can tell you that much.

My little boys just watched me with wide eyes and said things like…

“How long are you going to stand in front of the sink and let water run on your hand, Mom?”
“Um, isn’t that the word you told us not to ever say, Mom?”
“Did you burn your hand off or what?”
“So, where is my sandwich?”
“Um…when will the suckers be done?”
Suffice it to say…the suckers didn’t get finished, my little boys learned how to make a peanut butter sandwich, and my school aged kids cleaned up the kitchen when they came home.
This old girl was pretty useless…
what with one hand soaking in cold water all day.
Hold Back The Tears Argentina. 


Now, what in the world does this long winded story have to do with Sugar Cookies, you are most certainly wondering. 
Well, on the Homemade Sucker Burning Day Of Wonder, 
I got a really fun package in the mail from Wrigley’s. 
Hot dog. The day wasn’t a wash after all.
It was full of lots of gum (of course) and Skittles, Starburst and Lifesavers. What should a girl do with all of these treasures? 
Not a thing one handed, that’s for sure.

But my hand is feeling better now.
Just looks a bit like Yoda’s forehead…told you it was nothing to cry over. 
And since MyHandsomeHusband took my kids 
Over The River and Through The Woods to sleep over at Grandmas. 
It was just me and the candy. 
And I couldn’t just let it be.
Because I have issues with sugar and candy. 
It’s true…go ahead and Cry Me A River over that one. 

Let’s  make some cookies, shall we?
I’ve posted a tutorial on how to make the little gum ribbons below. The recipe for the 
Almond Butter Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting 
that I used to make these is available in a separate post 
(this post was getting a bit overcrowded!)
you can find the basic cookie recipe here

PS…hoping to have better success with the sucker recipe this week. Watch for a burn free post coming soon. 

Candy Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies
Time: 1 hour
Yield: 30 cookies
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!

Regular Skittles (for the dark red and dark green candy)
Blended Skittles (for the light green and light red candy)
Big Red Gum
Green Apple Take Five Gum

1. Bake up a batch of Almond Butter Sugar Cookies. Roll the dough into 2 1/2 inch balls and bake. You don’t want to make the cookies too little, or you won’t be able to fit all the cute little decorations on top. 
2. Let the cookies cool completely.
3. Make the cream cheese frosting. Frost one cookie at a time, then decorate as desired. Don’t be tempted to frost all the cookies first, and then decorate them all. The frosting won’t stick to the candy if it’s been sitting out in the air.

These are the types of candy and gum I used. The dark green and red candy’s are the regular skittles, the light green and pink are the blended variety. The Big Red gum makes the pink ribbons and the Green Apple flavor are the green ribbons. 

Gum Ribbons

Take a sharp knife and cut one piece of gum in half. 

Bend each piece in half and pinch the ends tightly together. 

Press on the loopy top to the fan it out just a bit. 

Stick a toothpick into the frosting. 

Dab a bit of it onto the pinched end of the loop. 

Make a second loop and stick it to the first loop. 

Like this. Repeat these steps three more times…

And there you have it. Cut some streamers out of the gum and tuck them into the loops. Put a little bit of frosting on a skittle and stick it in front of the loops. 
For the smaller ribbons you see on the candy cane and wreath I cut the gum a lot smaller before I made the loops. 


This is not a sponsored post. I was supplied with all of the candy you see from Wrigleys. All designs and thoughts in this post are my own. 

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