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If you would like to make some Deviled Eggs this Easter, I sure hope you will. Make them and love them and take them over to Aunt Bee’s for your traditional family get together, won’t you? Give her a kiss on the cheek and a little help with the dinner dishes. (People love help with the dinner dishes, don’t you know. Especially people named Aunt Bee.) 

Watch the kids run around gathering up Easter Eggs and popping jelly beans in their mouths. Kick back and visit with the people you love. Because that’s what Easter is all about, right? Spending a little bit of time with the people you love.

That, and eating a lot of jelly beans or those HEAVENLY Mini Cadbury Eggs. Holy cow they are good. I’m pretty sure they don’t have any calories if you eat them on Easter Sunday. I read that somewhere once. Really I did. Scouts honor. Though I never was a girl scout, or a boy scout…at least that I can recall. 

The point I’m trying to make here is, on Easter Sunday…eat some Deviled Eggs and some Mini Cadbury Eggs before the day up and passes you by.

The end. 

Classic Deviled Eggs
Time: 30 minutes
Yield: 14 deviled eggs
Recipe adapted from Miss Paula Dean
7 hard boiled eggs, see tutorial here
3 T mayonnaise (I use Best Foods Light)
2 T salad dressing  (I use Miracle Whip Light)
2 t honey mustard
1 T sweet pickle relish (optional, but really wonderful in my opinion. The rest of my family likes them without relish, so please be aware and make your choice Relish or I Hate Relish, according your very specific and important desires.)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Paprika or Smoked Paprika, either one is fine
1. Hard boil, and then peel yourself 7 lovely eggs. Tutorial found here.
2. Slice your eggs in half with a knife.
3. Carefully pull out the cooked yolks and toss them into a medium sized mixing bowl.
4. Add 3 tablespoon of mayonnaise (that’s the Best Foods) and 2 tablespoons of salad dressing (yes, you guessed it. The Miracle Whip). Now, you may be wondering why I have used both of these instead of just one. They have very different tastes. The Best Foods has a really smooth, creamy taste, and the Miracle Whip has a slightly sweet, zippy taste. The combination of the two gives you the best of both creamy and zippy. 
5. To your bowl add 2 teaspoons honey mustard, a little bit of salt and pepper and 1 tablespoon pickle relish, if you have opted to use it. 
6. Mix all ingredients together with a fork, smashing the egg yolks as you go. 
7. Scoop the filling into the eggs
and sprinkle them with paprika. I have confessed several times recently about how much I love Smoked Paprika. Ah, the sweet smokey sent of it is fabulous.  If you don’t have any, no worries. Just use regular paprika, or don’t use paprika at all. What ever suits your fancy. 🙂
8. Cover lightly with plastic wrap and store them in the fridge until you are ready to serve. 

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  1. What a fun post! I love thinking about “Aunt Bee”. Late last year we bought a VERY old single wide at the beach and one of the things in the ad that appealed to me was “comes with everything. Including Aunt Vee's dishes.” Almost an Aunt Bee!

  2. Love this post…because I love Deviled Eggs. I can usually eat the whole lot of them myself.LOL. great pics.

  3. I love reading what you write. Makes me smile! Also, I love how easy your recipe is. Thanks!

  4. Oh. Oh yes! These will be around ~ probably not for long ~ but they will be around at Easter! Perfect! And I'll be bringing some over to my Momma! Great idea!

  5. No pickles please. I like tangy deviled eggs. I add a touch of cider vinegar and horseraddish. Yummmmm!

  6. I am one that does not like sweet pickle relish in my deviled eggs. I substitute a table spoon of dill pickle juice. Gives it a kick without the sweet pickle taste.

  7. Better yet, Food Network has a deviled egg carrier that allows you to take 24 deviled eggs with you in a covered container! It keeps the eggs from slip slidding away, if you tilt the plate. Great Buy!