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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, as I’m sure you well know. I would imagine you are busy cooking or traveling today and are most likely not in the mood for another new recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up. 🙂 And so I’m not going to give you one! Instead, would you mind if I indulge a little and share with you all a wonderful thing that happened to my family recently? Ok then. Prepare yourself for a post about love, family and a whole lot of joy.

Last week the beautiful red-head pictured above (who happens to be my lovely sister) got married to the man of her dreams. Which means I got myself a brand new brother-in-law. And boy, is he great.


My Mom, my sister Alli and I gave the happy couple a wedding shower.


My daughter Anna made these cute decorations out of some construction paper, ribbon and the pages of a really old book. She’s a clever girl.


We hung them from the window. (You can just barely see Anna here, she refused to be in the picture fully…she likes a full face of makeup and a pretty hair do for that kind of thing…go figure!)


We served all kinds of delicious things. Almond Butter Sugar Cookies, Linda’s Fabulous Brownies, Turkey Cucumber Wedding Sandwiches, Alli’s fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pink Dressing Salad, Pepperoni Pasta Salad and Lime Slush.


From left to right, this is my Aunt Wendy, sister-in-law Melissa, my Mom, Jen The Bride To Be, my sister Alli and yours truly.


The happy couple was married last thursday, on a snowy day in The Salt Lake Temple. Beautiful, isn’t it!


Our family and several of Jen’s close friends.


My three oldest kids, and my brother Matt’s three oldest kids. How did these yahoos get so dang old! I can hardly stand it. Love them all to pieces.


My daughter Anna and MyHandsomeHusband.


Later that night there was a Wedding Dinner held at The Garden Place located at This Is The Place Heritage Park.


It was lovely!


My mom and her three daughters.


My girls and a few of their cousins.


The boys I love most in all of the whole wide world.


My parents, their 6 children (and spouses) and 17 grandchildren.


My own little family.


There was an awesome 10 piece band at the dinner. They were so good!


They played for my sisters and I to sing My Girl by The Temptations…only we changed the words to say “My Guy” since we were singing to a guy and all. Man it was fun. Shaking a hip with these ladies is one good time, I tell you. We had the moves like Jagger. At lease in our own minds. 🙂

It was a beautiful, wonderful day and we are so happy for Jen and her new husband (my new brother-in-law) Peter Derrek.


PS…there will be no new post on Friday, due to the holiday. See you back here on Monday morning for my December Menu Plan.


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